Top Trendy Travel Destinations for 2019

Top Trendy Travel Destinations for 2019 02

These are the trendy travel destinations you’ll be hearing all about in 2019! Book your stay ahead and enjoy these beautiful places!

Start 2019 right with a few trips planned for the trendiest places of the upcoming year. These travel destinations mix a bit of everything, from bustling cities to safari locations,  you can find a bit for everyone’s taste on the list that features the best travel trends.

Hurry and book your flights and stay before it gets too crowded as these destinations are going to be everywhere!

Take a look at the complete list Architectural Digest made.

Matera, Italy

Top Trendy Travel Destinations for 2019 01

We’re starting off with the 2019 European Capital of Culture. Known as the city of caves, this particular location is going through a series of renovations and the city will be celebrating throughout the year the award.


Top Trendy Travel Destinations for 2019 02

This destination had been increasing in popularity in the last years and it’s esteemed that it will be one of the trendiest destinations for 2019. You can expect a lot from this beautiful place, from beautiful gardens to the best luxury hotels.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Top Trendy Travel Destinations for 2019 03

Copenhagen has also been increasing in popularity and 2019 brings a lot of surprises! The city is going through a hotel boom, with several properties set to open doors in the upcoming year.

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Top Trendy Travel Destinations for 2019 05

A destination often overlooked from travelers looking for the ultimate safari experience but one that is definitely worth it! Breath-taking natural landscapes, luxury lodges, and the famous Victoria Falls that serve as a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Napa Valley

Top Trendy Travel Destinations for 2019 04

Already famous for the wines this destination is getting even more attention in 2019, as the area has finally recovered since last year’s wildfires. A lot of luxury hotels will be opening in the area until and throughout 2019, including the first Four Seasons.


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