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Take a Look at the 2018 Color Trends and Get Ready For a Major Change

Get inspired by these elegant interiors and find out how to use the 2018 color trends in your projects.

Time does fly! It seems like yesterday that we celebrated the new year at Maison et Objet Paris in January, and now we are already 4 months away from 2018.

Since we want you to get prepared in advanced (because if there’s something that takes a lot of time and stress is redecorating your interior), today we decided to share with you a few design inspirations using the 2018 color trends!

While this year was all about tropical green, warm neutrals and sophisticated camel accents, it is predicted that next year even edgier hues will become trendy.

This selection of interior design projects might help you understand a little better.

Pastel Colors

Take a Look at the 2018 Color Trends and Get Ready For a Major Change

Black and white interiors had their time to shine. In this elegant living room design pastel blues and neutral colors come together for a laid-back and minimalist look. Golden accents are provided by an irregular-shaped dining table and a luxurious lighting suspension.

Tip: Pair pastel colors like blue and pink with metallic accent detailing for a more sophisticated style. 

Bright Yellows

Take a Look at the 2018 Color Trends and Get Ready For a Major Change

Filling your home decor with vibrant colors shouldn’t be considered a risk, and in 2018, Pantone predicts that it won’t be. In this interior for example sleek lines of yellow, white and beige provide a unique look while plenty of natural lighting enhances the ambiance.

Tip: Vivid colors ask for sophisticated materials like wood and marble. Play with it. 

Plenty of Pink

Take a Look at the 2018 Color Trends and Get Ready For a Major Change

The so called millennial color will maintain its strength next year. In this interior design project, Pink is used as a base color, providing a passionate and elegant glimpse. Plenty of texture is given to the space in a contemporary white rug and velvet upholstery.

A dazzling crystal chandelier finishes up the look gracefully.

Tip: Pink is best friends with white. Make sure to use white decorative items to enhance your interior. 


Tech Green

Take a Look at the 2018 Color Trends and Get Ready For a Major Change

In 2018 get tech-friendly, not just with your smart home devices, but your color choices, too! This vibrant shade of green will definitely turn any interior. In this modern living room  vibrant hues such as greens, whites and oranges come together in an elegant look while dark wooden floors and furnishings create a certain balance.

Tip: Green can easily be complemented by materials like brass and copper, as well as fun  bohemian patterns. 

Metallics as base

According to Pantone, metallics are no longer a dramatic color choice. They now belong to the neutrals family, and this color trend will become even more successful next year. In this interior design project golden-decorated closets surround the room while a pastel brown two-seat sofa and patterned rug complete the look.

A statement black and gold side table as well as a circular lighting suspension are used to lift up the ambiance.

Tip: The best way to combine metallic shades such as gold, bronze and silver is with black furnishings.

Feeling ready for next year?