Luxury goods: The most expensive baby items in the world

Luxury goods: The most expensive baby items in the world luxxu blog baby dummy design

Are you looking for the best baby gifts for your newborn prince or princess? Here we present you beautiful luxury accessories for babies with a modern design that will definitely be noteworthy.

Suommo, a Spanish company of luxury furniture for both babies and parents, has released the world’s most luxurious crib and dummy. With a careful selection of the most precious and high quality materials, the brand combines craftsmanship and design to reach perfect beauty in their luxury goods.

Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold is a majestic crib with an amazing modern design, created to provide precious dreams to your child. The 12.000.000,00€, 24-Carat Solid Gold is a limited edition outfitted with gold yarn changing mat and silk bedding.

If you want give your newborn beautiful golden dreams, this is the perfect design solution for his or her luxury bedroom.

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Suommo presents a truly luxurious welcome to your newborn with a first jewel in the shape of a baby’s dummy. Totally handcrafted 18-Carat rose gold, this piece is not studded with Swarovsky crystals but real shinning diamonds. The 100.000,00€ bejeweled dummy for a baby can also be used as a piece of jewelry by the mom.

Luxury goods: The most expensive baby items in the world luxxu blog baby dummy

It surely makes an interesting pendant and also the most luxurious baby present for the mother and child, combining design and versatility.

Finally, the world’s most expensive baby bottle. Sculpted by talented jewellers, the Doll Bottle in Diamond and Rose Gold is available in five different sizes.

Inspired by Russian Dolls, this modern design bottle is a jewel and an elegant decorative piece. You can also lovingly engrave your baby’s name and customize your luxury 18k rose gold and diamonds baby bottle.

How do you feel about this amazing gifts? All this accessories combine luxury design with the beauty of love and maternity.

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