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Luxury Dining Room Ideas for New Years Eve You Don’t Want to Miss

Top 5 Luxury Dining Room Ideas for New Years Eve

December is a busy month in the world of interior designers and event planners. Christmas is gone and New Years Eve is already coming next week. If you’re a professional or simply a design lover that wants to create a great luxury dining room for your family and friends, you’re in the right place.

There’s nothing more important than creating a cozy, luxurious ambiance at this time of the year. We want to make guests feel welcome and satisfied within a space and the first step is a great interior design.

New Years Eve dinner is an important meeting of friends, lovers, family, therefore, designers and event planners need to make sure every single detail on its decoration works to deliver a sensational experience for clients.  So, if you want to start the year of 2017 on the right foot check these Luxury Dining Room Ideas for New Years Eve.

Luxury Dining Room Ideas for New Years Eve You Don't Want to Miss

At Luxxu, we believe luxury design is synonym with strong shapes and colors. This stunning Dining Room features golden lighting fixtures, irregular shaped mirrors by Boca do Lobo and a unique colorful cabinet to liven up the whole environment. We particularly enjoy the combination of  these cadet-blue and golden wall coverings, together in harmony with the sophisticated light brown of the wooden floor. The perfect setting for a New Years Eve event!

Luxury Dining Room Ideas for New Years Eve You Don't Want to Miss

Again, black and gold is always a great combination! Add a little bit of red and you have yourself a dazzling, luxury dining room for New Years Eve. To finish the whole look use a classic crystal chandelier to emphasize the delicateness.

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Luxury Dining Room Ideas for New Years Eve You Don't Want to Miss

This minimal yet, luxury dining room features stunning Enchanted Dining Chairs by Koket, a bubble-shaped lighting fixture that brings a certain personality to the space, and a strong dazzling black dining table to complete the whole look. The combination of black and gold always makes its wonders in any interior design project.


At Luxxu we simply fell in love with this dining room. The fact that they use velvet, colorful bar chairs by Brabbu, and lighting fixtures that remind us of Harry Potter’s Quidditch golden snitch ball, make this ambiance one of the most beautiful in this list. Our advice is, don’t be afraid to use colors, luxury has a lot to do with being bold and not be scared to show personality. This luxury dining room is just perfect for a New Years Eve gathering.


White is the perfect color for this season, in Brazil for example, it’s tradition to use at least one piece of white clothing in New Years Eve. Why not use it as well for a luxury dining room decoration? This project is pretty impressive since good lighting does all the work. A simple white theme transformed into a interior design paradise.

Hope you feel inspired enough to deliver a great experience for your guests and clients! Make sure to see our Lighting Collection if you’d like to create a unique, luxurious space with over the top crystal chandeliers.

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