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6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You’ll Love

6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You'll Love 01

Today we bring you 6 stairwell designs to inspire you to get the house of your dreams!

Stairwells might not be the most important part of your home but the furniture and accessories that you choose to outfit this area will set the tone for the rest of your home.

The foyer is usually the part of your house that guests will see first so you want to make a good impression. When it comes to stairs, well, you usually see them right as you walk through the front door so you don’t want to forget about how important it is to decorate them.

Here are a few luxurious stairwell ideas for a modern home.

6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You'll Love 02

If you have high ceilings your best option is to add a gigantic crystal chandelier. It will not only look amazing but will make the room feel complete without much.

6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You'll Love 03

Big foyers need to be decorated as if it as another room of the house, or else it will look to empty. If you don’t like the typical round table at the center you can always place a daybed and the table at the corner next to the stairs.

6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You'll Love 04

This chic stairwell design is goals! A dark interior that was brought to life with a magnificent crystal chandelier. If you have enough room for a piano and a love seat they make great additions.

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6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You'll Love 05

You can never go wrong with a black and white color scheme. It’s classical yet modern and you can always spruce it up with the addition of some silver accessories laid on a table and a crystal chandelier.

6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You'll Love 06

An all-white look doesn’t have to be boring and can be truly luxurious! Just make sure you add some pieces for contrast, as an opulent chandelier and some plants.

6 Luxurious Stairwell Designs You'll Love 07

Last but not least, color is also an element you can play with. Especially if you’re a fan of a boho look in your home. This stairwell combines luxury and boho-chic perfectly, creating an inviting, relaxed and rich atmosphere.

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For the Stairwell of your Dreams