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Interior decoration ideas by Philippe Starck

Interior decoration ideas by Philippe Starck Feature

Philippe Starck is known worldwide for his contemporary designs. With the gallery we prepared for you, you will be able to enjoy the most famous projects of the designer as well as to get some ideas for your family rooms designs, regarding colors, styles and other details.

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Philippe Starck is one of the most famous designers in the world. His portfolio adds work in product and equipment design areas, but he’s also renowned for his interior design projects.

Interior decoration ideas 2

With a bold and irreverent style, Philippe Starck is noted for the strong chromatic compositions, instilling in authentic spaces sensations.

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Despite the incredible residential projects the designer also has work in commercial areas such as restaurants and shops.

Interior decoration ideas 4

In the overall the environments created by Starck convey a sense of magnificence and grandeur making its occupant feel almost like in a classical monument.

Interior decoration ideas by Philippe Starck 5

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Do you imagine yourself in this wonderland like game room? Gives your opinion on Philippe Starck’s work and check out our Pinterest boards for more top interior designers work worldwide.


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