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LUXXU’s lighting design novelties for the luxury ambient

LUXXU’s lighting design novelties feature

The lighting element is essential to complement any interior design project. And when we talk about exclusivity and luxury factors the choice of this piece should be thought to the smallest detail. Luxxu creates lighting design pieces in view of the exclusivity so sought after, resulting in authentic pieces of jewelry.

Babel (Chandelier)

LUXXU’s lighting design novelties Babel Chandelier

This inspiration requires a particular approach because is still a myth, “The babel Tower”. We brought the fantasy of detail to reality through these magnificent and lush crystals.


Empire (Suspension)

LUXXU’s lighting design novelties Empire Suspension

A new addition to the Luxxu’s classic Empire family, with a rounded shape. This piece is an extravagant shape full of modernity capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario. This is a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive atmosphere.


Liberty (Chandelier)

LUXXU’s lighting design novelties Liberty Chandelier

This master piece is inspired in one of the most known statues in the world, The Statue of Liberty. Like the lady carries enlightenment to the world, Luxxu intends to enlighten all of your projects with this elegant design. Made in brass and crystal glass.


McQueen (Pendant)

LUXXU’s lighting design novelties McQueen Pendant

This master piece presents a dramatic design tied by a simple string. Showing in all its details a contemporary romantic nature.


Waterfall (Suspension Round)

LUXXU’s lighting design novelties Waterfall Suspension Round

Luxxu presents a circular shape of glamorous sensation of waterfalls. It’s a powerful creation made with gold plated brass combined with ribbed fine tubes of glass.

LUXXU’s collection now has five more extraordinary pieces of unparalleled beauty! The brightness of the crystals and the golden class remain present coveting the epitome of luxury!

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