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Do’s and don’ts of luxury decoration

Interior Design in not only about creating concepts: it’s also about creating a balance and a sense of harmony between all the elements involved. For that reason, it’s important to keep in mind some important principles. Today, we present you some Do’s and Don’ts of Luxury Decoration. Take a look and inspire yourself!

Symmetry creates a sense of order and calm, but you risk to make a room feel static. So, shake things up. If your luxury furniture is arranged symmetrically, hang wall art asymmetrically, or go free-form with the furniture and let your artwork add grounding symmetry.


Try to hang a mirror in unexpected places in order to create visual impact. Also, by using vibrant colors you will double the effect, giving your luxury interiors a unique approach.

Do’s and don’ts of luxury decoration mirror

Fill water glasses with bunches of leafy twigs, ferns, or other foliage. Branches, even bare ones, can add graphic punch — consider using a smaller, watertight wastebasket as a vase for them. And you have an always available centerpiece waiting for you in the form of your houseplants.

Do’s and don’ts of luxury decoration water glasses

Don’t forget about the entryway or the corridor. Keep these places beautifully decorated because they are the connecting elements between the main division of your luxury home.

Do’s and don’ts of luxury decoration hallway

Lighting can alter the entire feel of an area. Scaling things down by using table lamps or adjustable-height floor lamps  will up the cozy quotient, and adding one or two extras to the traditional pair of wall sconces is a softer way to add wattage to your modern living room.

Do’s and don’ts of luxury decoration lighting

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