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5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You need to Use in 2017

Luxury Bathroom Lighting Ideas that Will be Trending in 2017

To build the perfect luxury bathroom, it’s not only necessary to choose incredible furniture designs but also a dazzling lighting piece. Let’s be honest, there is nothing more dreamy than a crystal chandelier falling from a bathroom ceiling, and designers all around the world make sure to use these pieces to transform boring spaces into brilliant, dreamy ambiances.

Today at Luxxu blog, we decided to give a few bathroom lighting ideas for those who are interested in building the perfect getaway after a long day of hard work, taking as example a few of our favorite interior designers.

Lavish Crystal Chandeliers


This is the kind of bathroom lighting ideas we advice for hotels and luxury houses. Lighting pieces like the Trump Chandelier can only work with similar lavish furnishings like, for example, this Diamond Bathtub by Maison Valentina. A great look for luxury design lovers.


Mirrored Wall Sconces

5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You need to Use in 2017

This stunning luxury bathroom was designed by Sarah Richardson and it contains a pair of glitzy mirrored sconces that match perfectly together with the Venetian Mirror. The sconces provide an incredible appearance and femininity to the space, and at the same time, high quality cross lighting with minimal glare. One of the best bathroom lighting ideas for classic design lovers.


Metallic Chandeliers

5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You need to Use in 2017

Designer Tina Muller transformed this luxury bathroom with a show-stopping metallic chandelier. This unique lighting design has 24 sleek chrome branches that end in a low voltage Led bulb to provide the necessary light to the space. A great bathroom lighting idea for hotels, we must say.

Golden Lighting Pendants

5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You need to Use in 2017

This unique project features the wonderful Brubeck lighting pendant from DelightFull, that automatically provides a luxurious touch to the environment. Our advice for anyone that has a white bathroom – use gold lighting – the result is always impressive.

Vintage Elegance

5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You need to Use in 2017

Usually the bathroom is the last space to get a designer’s touch, but in this project by Andrea Schumacher, it was the first priority! The designer created a rich, classic look with beautiful khaki-colored wall coverings, a classic white bathtub and finished up with a classic bronzed-chandelier.

If you would like to see more lighting design ideas we invite you to see our modern chandelier collection.