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Top 4 New York City Rooftop Bars

New York City Rooftop Bars => Luxxu´s blog gathered the finest New York City Rooftop Bars and their stunning views just for you, NYC! Dive into this article and feel inspired!

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1. Panorama Room

Top 5 New York City Rooftop Bars

One of the most known New York City Rooftop bars is Panorama Room, located on the 18th floor of Roosevelt Island’s Graduate hotel, was named one of the greatest new rooftops last year. It also features plenty of seating both inside and out, as well as plenty of drinks, seafood-focused snacks, and slightly larger dishes.

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Top 5 New York City Rooftop Bars
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2. Overstory

Top 5 New York City Rooftop Bars
Overstory, one of the best New York City Rooftop bars which is approaching its first anniversary high in the sky downtown, is still difficult to get a reservation for, but with a little patience and a lot of planning ahead of time, you can get a spot. If you plan ahead of time, you’ll be rewarded with genuinely out-of-sight skyline panoramas that even a hot air balloon would love. The Overstory is said to take walk-ins as well, and the Crown Shy pub downstairs is a great location to wait.

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How good are these New York City Rooftop Bars?

3. Westlight

Top 5 New York City Rooftop Bars
The tallest tower in the neighborhood, Westlight, is topped with a sleek glass box. Take the private elevator 22 stories up to the industrial yet glamorous room, which features black-and-white tiled floors, brilliant globe lights, and a vaulted ceiling, to see a new york city hotel rooftop bar that has all the makings of a stand-alone New York cocktail lair, not just another hotel bar.

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Top 5 New York City Rooftop Bars

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New York City Rooftop Bars

4. The Crown

Top 5 New York City Rooftop Bars

New York City Rooftop Bar The Crown is the best-in-class view that will remind you why you chose this bar, and this city, the moment it comes into focus, even if it took a little longer to get up to the 21st floor of Hotel 50 Bowery and if the crowd at the bar is a few more people deep than you’re used to after the past year and change.

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