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Top 10 Most Expensive Rugs in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Rugs: When we talk about rugs, we instantly think of them as an indispensable part of all modern homes. Rugs also serve as the focal point of common areas, such as the living room or dining room. But it wasn’t always like this. The history of rug weaving began about 2,500 years ago in Persia. Weavers created rugs to cover the floors in nomadic camps. These specialized skills in rug weaving were passed down from generation to generation, and rugs became works of art whose history is embedded in their characteristics. In this article, the LUXXU blog highlights the Top 10 Most Expensive and Artistic Rugs in the World.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Rugs

1. $33 Million Worth, The Clark Sickle-Leaf Persian Carpet


This 17th-century antique Persian rug sold for a record-breaking $33.7 million. The rug is named after its former owner, William A. Clark, an industrialist and senator from Montana. It features a red background with a scimitar-leaf design and is considered one of the finest examples of its kind. The auction at Sotheby’s in New York surprised everyone as it broke all records, becoming the most expensive rug ever sold. The anonymous buyer from the Middle East, who was unwilling to let it go at almost any price, acquired this rare handmade masterpiece for a museum in that country.

2. $9.6 Million Worth, The Kirman Vase Rug 


The Kirman Vase Rug was acknowledged as the first known rug to have the renowned and rare Herati design. It is embellished with vibrant flowers, leaves, and branches on a striking blue background and has a wavy finish. It is one of the most stunning rugs historically. The auction at Christie’s auction house attracted a remarkable number of participants, and the bidding began at £150,000. The rug was ultimately sold for $9.6 million in 2013, making history as one of the most expensive rugs ever.


Verona Round Rug


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3. $7.7 Million Worth, The Mughal ‘Star Lattice’ Carpet


The 18th-century North Indian Pashmina wool carpet measures 12.9 feet by 13.6 feet. It has a rich scarlet background that is accentuated with a golden latticework pattern of interlocking 12-point stars that surround symmetrical clusters of jasmine and lotus blossoms. It is one of only 12 Millefleur (a thousand flowers) rugs from the era. Experts and critics call it “the most magnificent of all decorative carpets.” This piece is a legacy of the fine Mughal craftsmanship of rugs and carpets from India.

4. $5.5 Million Worth, The Pearl Carpet of Baroda


The Pearl Carpet of Baroda was commissioned by Khande Rao Gaekwad, the Maharaja of Baroda, in 1865 for the Prophet Muhammad’s mausoleum in Medina, Saudi Arabia. The extraordinary attention to detail makes this wonderful tapestry shine like a piece of jewelry. The base of silk and beautiful deer hide, millions of Basra pearls, rubies, emeralds, and other precious stones make this specific piece so remarkable. It is one of the most prestigious examples of the craftsmanship of Indian hand-knotted rugs. An anonymous buyer purchased the luxurious Barodra Pearl Carpet at a Sotheby’s auction for 5.5 million dollars. It is currently on display at the Qatar National Museum.


Oya Rug


5. $4.5 Million Worth, The Silk Isfahan Rug


A stunning Silk Isfahan Rug was sold at Christie’s in June 2008 to a Long Island resident who preferred to remain anonymous. Perhaps because they paid $4.5 million for this Persian rug, which once belonged to Doris Duke, a New York-born philanthropist, Duke purchased the carpet in 1990. When she died in 1993, she left the 7’7 “x5’7” carpet to the Newport Restoration Foundation. The Silk Isfahan Rug from the 17th century comes in 14 different colors.

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6. $4.4 Million Worth, The Louis XV Savonnerie Carpet


Taking a few steps away from the East for a moment, we find this 18th-century French masterpiece. This stunning carpet, designed by Pierre-Josse Perrot and woven between 1740 and 1750, is embellished with incredible detail. It is an awe-inspiring piece with a complex, almost three-dimensional design. The design vividly illustrates France’s 18th-century royal arms, military trophies, flowers, and ornaments.


Tempus Rug


7. $4.3 Million Worth, The Safavid Prayer Rug


This Safavid Prayer Rug was valued between $127,368 and $191,052. The Nastaliq-inscribed Persian carpet from the 1575 era fetched a whopping $4.3 million, ranking it as one of the most expensive rugs ever sold at auction. The inscriptions imply that it might have been a diplomatic gift given to the Ottoman Turks by the Safavid Persian court.

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8. $2.4 Million Worth, Rothschild Tabriz Medallion Carpet


The Rothschild Tabriz Medallion Carpet from the 16th century was stolen from the Rothschild family in Austria by the Nazis during World War II. The exquisite Persian rug measures over 20 feet long and sold for $2.4 million. Qatar’s Sheikh al-Thani was the buyer. The carpet is made in northwest Persia. It was initially valued at $400,000 before the sale. The Rothschild Tabriz Medallion Carpet is now housed in Qatar’s Museum of Islamic Art.


Valencia Rug


9. $2 Million Worth, Edmond J. Safra’s Safavid Carpet


This late 16th-century Safavid Rug from East Persia was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in November 2005 for $2.032 million. The rug features an intricate floral design and is made from silk, making it both beautiful and valuable.

10. $790,000 Worth, ‘Polonaise’ Silk and Metal-Thread Rug


This splendid Isphahan or Kashan Rug, originating from central Persia, was sold at a private auction by Sotheby’s in 2015 for $790,000. Featuring an intricate floral design made with silk and metal threads, this rug stands out for both its beauty and its artistry.


Aion Rug

aion rug

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Here are the “Top 10 Most Expensive Rugs in the World” that symbolize art and history. Browse through the LUXXU Blog and discover a wide range of home decor and contract solutions sponsored by the creativity of the LUXXU team. For inspiration, commercial, and home decor ideas, check out our PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.