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5 Swimming Pools to enjoy your Summer

Luxurious Swimming Pools to enjoy Summer Feature

Some of the most extraordinary places in earth are blessed with grazing wildlife, expansive infinity edges and skyhigh views. What better way to experience these places but in the water? It is an essential element in any luxury home, whether in urban or rural context. See some exclusive swimming pools, which delight those who are looking for a luxurious and relaxing way to enjoy the best of life. Find our best selection!

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The almost non-existent border conveys the concept of infinity, exactly what your state of mind should be, within this pool. The natural surroundings gives the tropical touch to this breathtaking scenario.

Luxurious Swimming Pools to enjoy Summer Infinite Tropical

The architectural style of the house is transferred, by association, to this minimalistic style pool. The disguised edge makes the experience of swimming in this pool almost magical, as if you were swimming in the blue sky.

Luxurious Swimming Pools to enjoy Summer Minimal Edge

This example is an excellent complement to the garden in which it is inserted. The considerable width as well as the surrounding naturalistic elements as such trees and pebbles make this pool as if it was a beautiful lake.

Luxurious Swimming Pools to enjoy Summer Natural

Again there is the absence of edge to elicit a sense of infinite paradise. Alongside the pool side beds there’s that beautiful meal area, ideal to stay there all day. The experience of this pool is intended to be almost otherworldly.

Luxurious Swimming Pools to enjoy Summer Palm Tree

The latest example is the perfect mix of traditional historical and modern geometrization. Located in the classic island of Santorini this pool makes us feel part of the Greek mythology, personifying heroes, muses or even gods.

Luxurious Swimming Pools to enjoy Summer Santorini

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What did you think of our suggestions? We invite you now to review our choices and to suggest other examples of luxurious swimming pools. In the meanwhile see more inspiration in our Pinterest and Facebook profiles.


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