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Suggestions for Dubai Luxury Guide

Suggestions for the Luxurious World of Dubai

Suggestions for Dubai Luxury Guide

by Yaren Arbak

Dubai is considered one of the most unique cities of the world, where the old meets the new and the conservative customs welcome the invasion of modern trends that creates a homogenous environment perfect for visiting. Without a doubt, Dubai is known for its world of luxury and we wanted to give you some suggestions to create the perfect Dubai Luxury Guide. Scroll down for the luxurious world of wonders!



Where to stay?

#1 Burj Al Arab Hotel

A sail-shaped 7-star ultra-luxury hotel that is impossible not to recognize. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to a Dubai Luxury Guide is an example of architectural success. Burj Al Arab was completed in 1999 and is relatively short-lived, but has the same reputation as the world’s most famous places. You can think of it as Burj Al Arab, the Eiffel Tower of France, the Big Ben of England, and the Maiden Tower of Istanbul. The exterior of the Burj Al Arab expresses ultra-modern architecture, while the interior features that combine western and relatively Arab elements, and it will be the perfect spot to relax on your Dubai Luxury Guide.


Suggestions for the Luxurious World of Dubai


#2 Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

Another hotel you can include in your Dubai Luxury Guide is the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira. Overlooking both the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s glittering skyline, Mandarin Oriental Jumeira in Dubai is the closest luxury beachfront resort to Downtown Dubai and to the city’s main attractions: 5 min to La Mer, 15 min to Downtown Dubai, home to Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Opera, the Dubai Fountain and Dubai Mall. Mandarin Oriental Jumeira offers guests a wide range of dining experiences, with six distinctive restaurants, bars and lounges, headed by internationally-acclaimed chefs, providing innovative cuisine and world-class mixology in a vibrant way. Alongside Tasca, the signature Portuguese restaurant, the resort boasts a unique Japanese Warayakiya-style steakhouse and an array of other equally tempting dining options. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental provides the most extensive range of beauty and wellness therapies in the region, which is why it belongs in every Dubai Luxury Guide.


Suggestions for the luxurious world of Dubai


Where to eat?

#1 Pierchic

Pierchic is known as one of the most sentimental cafés in this city and is perfect for your Dubai Luxury Guide. Set over the water and with perspectives on the Arabian Gulf and the coastline, the island of Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab, this café will provide you with an exceptional experience. The furniture incorporates a Swarovski crystal stone lighting apparatus over the bar and wooden tables and seats for visitors to sit and make the most of their supper of new fish, shellfish, lobster and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Suggestions for the Luxurious World of Dubai


#2 Almahara

Al Mahara is located at the ground floor of Burj Al Arab. and is a restaurant with a gigantic aquarium at its center. It is filled with a diverse range of fish and sea creatures that will be served at the restaurant and placed so that every table can glimpse at the wonderful accent piece. It«s a place you must definitely add to your Dubai Luxury Guide.


Suggestions for the Luxurious World of Dubai


Where to visit?

#1 Dubai Miracle Garden

Opened in February 2013 on Valentine’s Day, Dubai Miracle Garden is a genuine desert spring in the desert that has been created as a response to those who consistently view Dubai as a city of lofty high rises and marvellous attractions. Spread over a region of around 72,000 square meters, Miracle Garden is the world’s biggest regular bloom garden, decked with a stunning combination of blossoms – a large portion of which are uncommon and seen for first time in the Middle East, for example, petunias and geraniums. As you step into this incredible recreational spot, you’ll before long find that no other name could be as fitting as ‘Miracle’ for this natural heaven!


Suggestions for the Luxurious World of Dubai


#2 Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Built to resemble a traditional bazaar and built on a larger area, Souk Madinat Jumeirah is the best shopping spot in terms of atmosphere and has succeeded since its first opening. The wind towers passing over the low buildings of Souk Madinat Jumeirah are illuminated to give the entire area a romantic glow, complemented by winding canals and spectacular outdoor dining. It is not surprising that Souk Madinat Jumeirah is so attractive for tourists and locals.


Suggestions for the Luxurious World of Dubai


Here are our suggestions for luxury Dubai Luxury guide! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the latest news and updates!


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