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Spring/Summer 2017 Home Décor Trends


Spring means new beginnings, a fresh start and new trends! Most of us go through a spring cleaning with our possessions, so why not do the same to our interiors? In the spirit of this season here are some Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends.

The highlights of this season are metals, rich colors, bold geometric shapes, textures and mixed materials such as marble and brass. All to add a classic yet modern design.


Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends 01

Brass is here to replace copper! Whether it’s gold plated, brushed or aged, brass is the new trend in home décor. It can be used in statement pieces, little details or amazing light fixtures such as the McQueen Chandelier by LUXXU.



Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends 02
Marble is here to stay! It’s all over Pinterest and promises to make all the difference in any interior. If you’re tired of the typical white marble, choose a different type for your pieces, such as Nero Marquina. Speaking of which, the Littus dining table by LUXXU features this type of marble and is the perfect combination between these two trends.


Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends 03

Pieces with a bold geometric shape are in this season! Whether it’s geometric art, a big piece of furniture or complementary pieces such as the Beyond Side Table by LUXXU it will look on trend. Bonus points of this table? It also features Brass and Marble.

Artisan crafted pieces 

Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends 04

The DIY era is almost over. To replace it come artisan crafted pieces. Which you can collect on a tall cabinet or display a few in a sideboard, the Darian Sideboard by LUXXU is a great option as it features a few more trends on this list. Another advantage is that all the trendy colors will pop over the black.

 Glamorous black and gold look

Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends 05

Glamour is never out of style, but this season it is definitely in! The combination of black and gold is classic but at the same time contemporary. To obtain a luxurious look opt for a statement piece as the Empire Side Table or the Beyond Console, both by LUXXU.

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Pendant Lights Over The Bed 

Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends 06

This season it’s all about saving space, so instead of having bedside tables with table lamps, hang two pendant lights over your bed and you’ll add a classic and simultaneous modern touch. The Draycott Pendant by LUXXU is the perfect addition!

Bold Light Fixtures 

Spring/Summer 2017 home décor trends 07
Whether it’s a statement chandelier, as the Guggenheim or a smaller fixture such as the Majestic Suspension it will make a difference in the room where you put it. Both are from LUXXU.
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