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Serena Williams House In Florida With Outstanding Details

Serena Williams House In Florida With Outstanding Details – Serena Williams holds court in a house designed in collaboration with her sister Venus, just north of Miami. Serena turned to V Starr, Venus’s world-class design firm, to design this incredible house with breathtaking views in a coveted enclave north of Miami, just minutes away from Venus and their parents. Continue reading this LUXXU Blog article to step inside Serena Williams House!

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Let’s Step Inside Serena Williams House!

Venus says that, like any other client, her priority was to cater to Serena’s vision, which changed completely during the design process. Serena’s traditional tastes felt out of place in this new phase of life after she purchased the 14,500-square-foot Spanish Mediterranean-style home. She attributes a more modern, minimalist aesthetic to her love of modern art and technology. Then there was the budding romance with tech tycoon Alexis Ohanian. Serena’s future family goals were an integral part of V Starr’s design plans all along, according to Sonya Haffey, principal of V Starr.

Serena Williams House In Florida With Outstanding Details

Serena finally moved into the completely reimagined, ultra-modern Intracoastal property with a husband and toddler in July, after three years, including a gut renovation. “If you build it, they will come,” as the old adage goes. They all agree, however, that it was Serena’s unique imagination, with guidance from V Starr, that drove the design.

Serena Williams House In Florida With Outstanding Details

While Ohanian played the easygoing, supporting role to Serena’s more hands-on approach, one space where the doting father took the lead was their three-year-old daughter’s bedroom. Both parents agree that Olympia’s pink custom-designed castle bed with a built-in slide and an equally spectacular, one-of-a-kind chandelier created by blown-glass artist Josh Fradis are the highlights of their entire home. It is definitely fit for a princess.

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Serena Williams House In Florida With Outstanding Details

While Olympia’s room is unquestionably the most opulent, Serena insisted on exercising more restraint in other areas. The combination of sleek, clean lines and high-end features with warm woods and casual touches that complement Serena’s laid-back vibe resulted in a visually cohesive narrative that embodies Serena’s newly evolved design aesthetic.

Serena Williams House In Florida With Outstanding Details

The V Starr team came up with an out-of-the-box design solution to transform what was once a classical Floridian-style foyer and a formal sitting room with beautiful chairs no one sat in into a colorful art space with eccentric pieces on display, at Serena’s request.

Aside from tennis, technology, and fashion empire-building, one of Serena’s favorite pastimes is karaoke. The world champions would celebrate after winning the US Open in a private karaoke room on Manhattan’s 50th Street. Serena, of course, had to have her own. A karaoke room is located just off the gallery, behind a secret doorway disguised as a bookshelf. A small stage, a plush aquamarine velvet banquette, and foliage frame a neon sign that spells sérénade, a playful nod to Serena’s karaoke persona.

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Serena Williams House In Florida With Outstanding Details

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