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Salone Del Mobile 2022: Getting To Know Sicis!

Salone Del Mobile 2022: Getting To Know Sicis!LUXXU Blog is here to provide you with the freshest information about this year’s edition of Salone Del Mobile! What better way to do it than by helping you discover the amazing brands that will be present and what they’ll offer? Continue reading this article to discover Sicis!

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Salone Del Mobile 2022: Are You Ready For LUXXU's Unique Novelties?

Getting To Know Sicis More In-Depth

A company that is inspired by the past while also looking to the future.

Starting with its roots and the Italian spirit that pervades it, the company takes a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to new projects, spanning architecture, art history, design, and fashion.

Allow the environment to speak for itself while relying on instinct, intuition, and enthusiasm. It represents contemporary luxury with a gentle sense of calm.

Furniture, decorations, floors, and walls are distinguished by meticulous attention to detail and high craftsmanship, as well as a strong dedication to the development and manufacturing of materials with qualitatively distinct characteristics.

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Are You Excited To Visit Sicis @ Salone Del Mobile 2022 Now?

The goal is to interpret atmospheres in a unique and absolutely refined manner, combining a refined taste with unexpected flashes of brilliance and great use of decorations and colors. It creates details with beautiful effects capable of eliciting sensations of awe by molding materials and matter as if they were a delicate fabric.

Furniture, lighting, and decorations are all the result of a conversation between multiple people, as well as a willingness to experiment and always produce something new. Furniture, products, and settings can be lived in and improved through time.

Beauty is something they export all over the world. SICIS offers Italian quality, capable of creating personalized and full-service projects ranging from the delivery of a single product to the design of integrated spaces with a contemporary taste, with showrooms across the world.

Discover Sicis @ Pavilion 03 | A23-A25

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