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5 Royal Palaces Turned Luxury Hotels

5 Royal Palaces Turned Luxury Hotels To Visit

5 Royal Palaces Turned Luxury Hotels ⇒ In ancient times, the privilege of visiting or staying at a royal palace was reserved to the highest members of society, or even to the royals alone. Luckily, we now get to satisfy our curiosity and enjoy the luxuries that these opulent buildings provide, as some of them have now become Luxury Hotels. Let’s get to know a few of them in today’s post!


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Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Hungary

5 Royal Palaces Turned Luxury Hotels To Visit


In 1998, Four Seasons acquired Budapest’s Gresham Palace and restored it to full grace in an Art Nouveau style. A $110-million project that took the collaboration with Hungary’s artists, ceramists, mosaicists and more culminated in a stunning building with stained glass ceilings, two million-piece mosaic flooring and a lot of wonders to behold.


Olissippo Lapa Palace Hotel, Portugal

5 Royal Palaces Turned Luxury Hotels To Visit


This palace in Lisbon was built by the Count of Valenças during the 1800s and is known for being a center for the most amazing aristocratic parties. Many of the building’s characteristic traits have been preserved, such as stained glass windows and the 170-year-old carpet in the Eça de Queiroz room.


Schönbrunn Palace, Austria

5 Royal Palaces Turned Luxury Hotels To Visit


The former Emperor’s resident in Vienna is one of the most popular tourist attractions and Luxury Hotels in the area. Decorated with magnificent marble statues, gilded furniture and stunning gorgeous imperial decor, for £1,000 per night you can stay at the palace and be served by a private cook, a butler and enjoy a limousine service.


Château Rhianfa, Wales

5 Royal Palaces Turned Luxury Hotels To Visit


This mini castle in Wales was designed by Sir John Hay Williams in the 1800s for him and his wife to live in. He was inspired by the Loire Valley Chateaux that he had seen while travelling and made sure to include stunning French elements into the design, which took over a decade to finish.


Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, India


In the 1920s, local ruler General Amar Singh built a lavish palace in Jaipur. Filled with extravagant art and furniture in the traditional color scheme of Rajasthani, the palace has been restored in an effort to keep its original style and to immerse guests into the olden days of the Raj.


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