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5 Private Members’ Clubs in Milan You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

5 Private Member Clubs in Milan You’ll Want to Be a Part Of 04

Private members’ clubs in Milan are extremely exclusive! Discover 5 you’ll want to join when you’re in the city.

While cities like New York and London are known for their private members’ clubs. Other European cities, however, are growing in the private club scene with chic and ultra exclusive members’ clubs.

Milan is one of those cities! With clubs established decades ago and new ones popping up, there are a few you need to know about. However, do keep in mind that some of these exclusive to an invitation. Curious? Discover more about these exclusive secrets of Milan!

#1 – Club 1930

5 Private Members' Clubs in Milan You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

This club is one of Milan’s best-kept secrets. It’s not visible from the street and it’s disguised as an ordinary bar, from where you can get access to the private club, by invitation only of course. It’s almost like a place that came out of a movie. A piano, dance notes to warm the atmosphere, unique and lavish furniture and a counter from the 1930s. If you think you’ve seen everything in Milan, then wait to visit this club.

#2 – Clubhouse BRERA

5 Private Members' Clubs in Milan You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

This club aims to merge the comfort and style of a 5 * hotel, the exclusivity of a private club and the convenience of an office space. The project, conducted by architect Laura Stecich, inherited the genius loci of the theater, with the aim of reinterpreting the thriving history of Milan. The access to the Clubhouse is limited to 500 high-level members. With a strong focus on the world of fashion, culture and the arts, Clubhouse is also the first Italian private club open to women entrepreneurs. The interiors are discreet to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that accommodates businessmen.

#3 – Armani Privé

5 Private Members' Clubs in Milan You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

Armani Privé is a club located in the center of Milan inside the same building that houses Armani Hotel Milan and Armani Nobu restaurant. The design has been carried out under the creative supervision of Mr. Giorgio Armani himself and is based on incorporating bronze colors and illuminated walls. With its unique atmosphere, this place successfully combines the fun of a nightclub with the intimacy of a member’s club.

#4 – Ralph Lauren Palazzo

5 Private Members' Clubs in Milan You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

Since its opening in 2015, this club has been known by many fashionistas around the globe. It’s a private club by invitation only, which mean that you can only become a member if you’re invited by Ralph Lauren’s organization or by another member. The primary goal, in addition to forging deeper relationships with VIP customers and providing better customer service, is privacy in order to order, try out and buy custom made clothes, watches, and jewelry made by Ralph Lauren. Two luxurious shopping rooms inside the Palazzo are reserved only for men’s and women’s clothing. The Palazzo Ralph Lauren Circolo Privato, as it is known in Italian, is a sophisticated personalized shopping experience in an exclusive and fashion-oriented environment.

#5 – Apophis

5 Private Members' Clubs in Milan You’ll Want to Be a Part Of

Located on Via Carlo Giuseppe Merlo in Milan. To enter Apophis you need to be a member and pay an annual fee (500 euros), which entitles you to a card with which entry is always guaranteed. Down the stairs of the club, you are immediately in front of a large bar counter. In fact, attention to the mixology aspect is one of Apophis’ flagship: the backlit bottle holder offers more than 500 labels, all of excellent quality. All interior design is signed by DnA Associates studio.

With these incredible clubs, no private members’ clubs in Milan pop up and become a success.

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