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Modern Bedroom Design – The Charla Lines Allied To Exquisite Comfort

Modern Bedroom Design – The Charla Lines Allied To Exquisite Comfort – Having a modern bedroom design where comfort and softness stand as the main features is optimal yet not perfect enough for Luxxu. In alliance to this obviously required bedroom qualities, luxury and sophistication are also a must have in any bedroom that is designed by this luxurious brand. In today’s article Luxxu Blog will give you a glimpse of the fabulous bedroom from Luxxu’s Charla Home. With all this exquisiteness waiting for you, are you ready to be dazzled?

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Modern Bedroom Design

Marvel At The Aesthetic Of The Ultimate Charla Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Design

This space has been stylishly ready to accomodate every Charla wonder present here. In order to set up a seamless blend of every piece with the enviorment itself, beige was the color selected to compose a premium pallete ready to be engratiated with gorgeous lines.

In addition to this stunning color selection, two plants have also been implemented in this room as a touch of nature gives any modern design an edgy and trendy feel that is simply admirable. On top of this amazing décor we can’t go by without mentioning that this wonderful area has a prime location in acoordance to the interior design.

Can you guess which one it is? We will give you a hint, it is known as the city of angels and the home of Hollywood.

Modern Bedroom Design with charla xl bed

As we observe the sumptuos décor we must start with the obvious statement in this whole bedroom, the Charla XL Bed, the perfect piece to dream of luxury and style. This seductive bed design, made with grey and black leather and superb craftsmanship, provides an astonishing impression with luxurious elements.

To complement this iconic bed, its larger than life headboard welcomes a pair of Charla Nightstand to each side, these two gorgeous pieces of bedroom furniture are beautifully adorned with Skyline Hardware by PullCast and sophisticated lighting elements, courtesy of these two Needle Floor Lamps.

Furthermore, at the feet of the bed we can admire Luxxu’s bespoke mastery in the form of the Charla Ottoman. With this many Charla icons, is it even possible to resist the sophisticated appeal of this bedroom?

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Charla Ottoman

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Modern Bedroom Design with charla dresser

As we move along to the rest of this opulent bedroom we can find the exquisite Charla Dresser, a stunning item that goes above and beyond as its contemporary touch is merged in a timeless and classic piece that will leave you speechless. Right above this magnificent dresser you can find the unique Empire Mirror to reflect the full wonders of this luxurious bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Design – The Charla Lines Allied To Exquisite Comfort

Modern Bedroom Design with charla stool
Modern Bedroom Design with empire mirror

This bedroom is a mesmerzing place meant to be more than a resting place, it also includes an incredible reading corner decorated with more dashes of Charla.

To enjoy a wonderfull book with the utmost comfort the Charla Single Sofa and the Charla Stool, stand as the premium solutions when it comes to provide you the perfect refinement for a reading session.

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Charla Stool

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Modern Bedroom Design with charla chaise longue

As an alternative to the comfort of the bed or the sofas on the reading corner, the Charla collection provides yet another option that keeps the same iconic lines with a different but still extremely appealing design, this lovely piece is none other than the Charla Chaise Longue, a delightful place to relax and enjoy a luxurious ambiance.

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Modern Bedroom Design – The Charla Lines Allied To Exquisite Comfort

Modern Bedroom Design with luxury closet

The last part of this bedroom is the breathtaking walk in closet where you can ally the style of the Charlas with the style from your own outfit, this area has an exclusive feel and as soon as you enter it, you will feel like you have transported into a private area where only luxury and fashionable looks matter.

Modern Bedroom Design with prisma ottoman

The décor for this area is particularly simple but splendorous at the same time. Firstly the lighting is provided by the Pharo Snooker Suspension, a piece that oozes elegance while illuminating any place luxuriously. The other piece that is beatifully highlighted by this suspension lamp is the Prisma Ottoman, an ottoman designed to bring the best of design into every space. 

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