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Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To VisitMilan Design Week is a true celebration of creativity and innovation, and this year’s edition of the event promises to be bigger and better than ever before. Join us as we explore the city of Milano and discover those places that are an obligatory visit! Continue reading this article by LUXXU Blog to learn more.

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Milan Design Week 2023

The Best Places To Visit

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

Milan is a vibrant, multifaceted city renowned for its forward-thinking attitude. However, it truly comes into its own as the world’s capital of design at the Salone del Mobile. We’ve put together a list of the top Milan attractions so you can make the most of your trip to the Rho Fiera fairgrounds. These locations provide the ideal fusion of design, architecture, expansive views, leisure, and a positive, upbeat mood. Allow this beautiful city and everything it has to offer to astound you.

Triennale Milano

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

Anyone visiting Milan should stop at Cadorna station. Before viewing Claes Oldenburg’s well-known public work, “Needle, Thread, and Knot,” pause to contemplate Alberto Garutti’s introspective piece, “Tutti i passi che ho fatto nella mia vita mi hanno portato qui, ora” (All the steps I have taken in my life have brought me here, now). The renowned Torre Branca by Gio Ponti appears as you stroll through Sempione Park. Finally, you reach the Triennale, the Milanese design temple that now houses the new Italian Design Museum under the direction of Marco Sammicheli. Don’t miss the Lisa Ponti show or the “Droog30. Design or Non-design?” exhibition, which honours the creative Dutch collective.

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

Don’t forget to check out the remarkable projects presented by Timberland Worldwide, Japan Creative, Duson Gallery (South Korea), Moravian Gallery (Czech Republic), and Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation (Uzbekistan). The retrospective exhibition “Angelo Mangiarotti. Quando le Strutture Prendono Forma,” the ever-present Ettore Sottsass installation “Casa Lana,” and the provocative “La Parola” exhibition are not to be missed. The Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori exhibition, produced in collaboration with the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, is well worth seeing.

Fondazione Castiglioni

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

A great trove of design history, the Fondazione Castiglioni, is located just a short distance from Cadorna. It is essential to tour Achille Castiglioni’s four studio spaces, where he experimented with the shapes, methods, and materials that came to define the design narrative (together with his models and prototypes). The exhibition “Fa’ Balla’ i Man” (Let Your Hands Dance) during Design Week presents a distinctive method for comprehending the Castiglioni brothers’ creations. With a focus on the idea of function, visitors can explore the shapes and forms of these renowned designs through tactility.

Museo del Novecento

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

Take the chance to explore the Museo del Novecento, which houses over 300 works of 20th-century art, from the Futurism Gallery to the Permanent Collection, in addition to appreciating the cathedral’s majestic majesty. Pavilions 9, 11, 13, and 15 at Rho Fiera, with the Euroluce concept in the foreground, make an excellent relationship to Lucio Fontana, a spatial artist for whom light was a fundamental plastic component. For the 9th Triennale di Milano, Fontana created his Concetto Spaziale al Neon (Spatial Concept with Neon Light), a masterpiece that is a must-see. Using a 100-meter neon tube, Fontana created free-flowing light paths in the air, combining painting and sculpture in a way that is sure to impress.

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Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

In the middle of the city, between Via Gesù and Via Santo Spirito, is the Bagatti Valsecchi museum house, the product of a remarkable collecting expedition in the late 19th century. The piano nobile’s 19 rooms are adorned with tapestries and odd things that give them a castle-like feel. Throughout Design Week, the museum will be turned into a “Palace of Wonders,” with each room being furnished with one-of-a-kind design artifacts chosen by curator Katrin Herden and architect Alessandro Zarinelli of Studio MHZ. Reputable companies included in the exhibition include Hommes by Micael Carvalho and Zaha Hadid Design for Karimoku, which is displaying their Seyun hardwood furniture series. The museum shop will also sell the specialized BA-VA Cushion Collection, created in association with Sohil Design.

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Magna Pendant

Trattoria Torre di Pisa

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

Even though Milan never stops, having a pause in the center of Brera is a great way to revitalize yourself. The 1959 establishment Trattoria Torre di Pisa has maintained its original design, complete with wooden chairs, an open kitchen, private rooms, and a view of Via Fiori Chiari. It provides typical Tuscan peasant cuisine and is frequented by artists, designers, businesspeople, and architects, including Ettore Sottsass, who used to eat there every day. Two nearby, almost time-frozen eateries, La Briciola, and Latteria San Marco, are modest yet stylish options if you can’t get a seat. Traveling to Milan only for their spaghetti with lemon and Crudaiola—a cold vegetable soup or pasta made with zucchini, aubergine, and ricotta—would be worthwhile.

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Bar Basso

Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

What’s your drink of choice? A Negroni? Sbagliato? With Prosecco in it? Stunning! The Bar Basso on Via Plinio is the ideal nightlife location for enjoying a drink, mixing with people from all over the world, and meeting designers during Design Week because of its red neon sign, crystal chandeliers, wooden bar, and retro decor. It is also known for being the birthplace of the Negroni Sbagliato, a Negroni variant that uses Prosecco in place of the gin-based drink. Even though it’s wonderful every day, Thursday nights are especially active!

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Galea II Dining Chair


Milan Design Week 2023: The Best Places To Visit

The Plastic Club in Via Gargano, next to the Fondazione Prada, is a location that will always be in style and has always embraced freedom in all of its manifestations. It combines music, art, nightlife, and pure excitement in a stunning way. The Milanese evenings at this club are famous, featuring everyone from Madonna to Andy Warhol, Grace Jones to Elio Fiorucci. Even if the club’s former location on Viale Umbria is no longer there, the new location still features a number of rooms and disco performances by well-known DJs like Le Cannibale, Nul, and Club Domani. Although standing in line to enter is still required and admittance is not guaranteed, once inside, it is an experience you won’t soon forget.

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