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Luxury Yachts: 4 Marvelous Interiors Designed by Kelly Hoppen

Luxury Yachts: 4 Marvelous Interiors Designed by Kelly Hoppen ⇒ Be astonished by the interior design of four of the most innovative luxury yachts by Kelly Hoppen!




Kelly Hoppen is regarded as one of the best interior designers in the world, having more than 40 years of experience. Her style could be best defined by a sublime fusion of East and West elements as well as the use of clean lines and neutral tones that are contrasted beautifully. Hoppen’s is rather impressive, from residential to hospitality projects and even luxury yachts, and today, the LUXXU blog will explore the interiors of four stunning luxury yachts that Hoppen designed, including her collaboration with Pearl Yachts & Bill Dixon Yacht Design and the massive Celebrity Cruise Edge ship, the latter of which has come to redefine sea travel.


Luxury Yachts 4 Marvelous Interiors Designed by Kelly Hoppen
Image source: Yachting Magazine


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Pearl 65


Image credit to Pearl Yachts


This outstanding vessel marked the first collaborating between Kelly Hoppen and Pearl Yachts. Throughout her four cabins, you can see Hoppen’s signature style providing a soothing ambiance.


Pearl 75


Luxury Yachts 4 Marvelous Interiors Designed by Kelly Hoppen_4
Image credit to Pearl Yachts


Pearl 75 is the ultimate example of how luxury and comfort can come together. Hoppen created sumptuous interiors in a neutral palette exuding an unmatched sense of elegance.


Image credit to Pearl Yachts


Pearl 95


Image source: Boat International


Pearl 95 is one of the most groundbreaking luxury yachts you will ever see and it is slightly bigger than its successors but equally sophisticated when it comes to interior design. As a matter of a fact, it is actually the largest superyacht manufactured by Pearl Yachts.


Image source: Boat International


For this yacht, Hoppen made sure to pair up sleek lines of Western aesthetic with design elements from the East, such as textiles, offering a whole lot of character to the yacht. The British designer also used predominant colors and experimented with curved surfaces and textures.


Luxury Yachts 4 Marvelous Interiors Designed by Kelly Hoppen_5
Image source: Boat International


Celebrity Edge Cruise


Luxury Yachts 4 Marvelous Interiors Designed by Kelly Hoppen_2
Magic Carpet. Image source: Dezeen


Celebrity Edge Cruise marked the first time that the designer has worked on the interiors of a cruise ship for over 2000 guests. Hoppen’s trademark style can clearly be seen throughout the massive vessel, especially in regards to its neutral palette with small pops of color. Overall, the yacht highlights a classic and timeless style, exuding an unmatched level of harmony and elegance.


Luxury Yachts 4 Marvelous Interiors Designed by Kelly Hoppen_9
Image source: Dezeen


Hoppen designed the ship’s Magic Carpet deck interiors and suites, however, Hoppen was not the only designer to have been involved in this project. Tom Wright, Patricia Urquiola, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku were a few of the designers behind the conception of this outstanding cruise ship!


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