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Must-See Luxury Lighting Ideas For the Daring Designer

No interior can thrive without luxury lighting designs. Get inspired by these projects!

An interior project can never survive without lighting, whether if we’re talking about its functionality or decorative ability. It’s just something we can’t deny making the effort. Lighting is an important factor and instantly makes an impact to a person’s well being. Especially if its a luxurious project.

Luxury design is all about experiences and making the client feel especial. Of course, there are several ways to make this happen yet a bold lighting design can make the difference easily.

At Luxxu, we recommend selecting lighting items with irregular shapes and detailing, lighting fixtures, for example, are often the best choice. Materials such as brass, copper and Swarovski crystals are also something to keep on the list.

When it comes to luxury lighting, the main focus should be on the materials really. You will want something that’s not only elegant but also enduring, otherwise it just wouldn’t be worth the price. Furthermore, the biggest trend right now is to opt for bold metallic colors such as silver, gold since it conveys a lavish feel.

Today we selected a few interior design ideas to help you get inspired to create an imposing ambiance with the help of the right lighting. Take a look below.


Must-See Luxury Lighting Ideas For the Daring Designer

In this project by Kraftek Studio, an elegant dining room features brown, grey, white and golden hues that are perfectly balanced throughout the space. Elegant black dining chairs surround a rectangular dining table, on which a wooden surface stands above a marble base.

The white walls are complemented by a dazzling golden mirror, while a passionate Empire Chandelier falls from the ceiling.

Must-See Luxury Lighting Ideas For the Daring Designer

In this luxurious interior design project a soft color pallet includes beige, browns and gold, while vivid blues create a beautiful contrast. Swivel white and golden stools are placed beside a sectional sofa while elegant Empire wall lamps enlighten the space.

Must-See Luxury Lighting Ideas For the Daring Designer

Bathroom design screams for empowering lighting items. In this elegant concept, marble surfaces are complemented by black wooden cabinets creating a luxurious yet simple ambiance. The mirrors are topped with Burj crystal lighting, matching the fixture that is as well placed in the center of the room.

Must-See Luxury Lighting Ideas For the Daring Designer

This bedroom design is the ultimate dream come true for luxury lovers. Neutral soft colors such as white, baby pink, beige and gold make this wonderful setting. Lots of texture are featured in this project as well, including a rectangular contemporary rug, beige curtains and comfy cushions.

As lighting, the room has customized Waterfall wall lamps to give life to the space, as well as a dazzling chandelier from the same collection falling from the ceiling.

Must-See Luxury Lighting Ideas For the Daring Designer

In this luxury design project a statement black, white and gold dining table provides a unique look to the room, while neutral dining chairs create a certain balance.

Black and white marble floors are also topped with artistic black decorative elements, such as an indoor column and a fireplace surround. To finish up the look a Mcqueen Wall Lamp works as an authentic piece of jewelry within the space.

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