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3 Luxury Home Decor Ideas

Luxury Home Decor Ideas inspired by the new and beautiful LUXXU pieces

LUXXU was exclusively a luxury lighting brand. Now it expanded into the luxury furniture market with a lot of new modern and exclusive designs. Made with the finest materials, the new furniture items by LUXXU are the perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

These pieces are the guarantee that your interiors will have a new and more luxurious vibe. Focusing on dining and living rooms and wall décor here are 3 ideas to make your interiors feel as luxurious as ever.

A Sideboard is always a good idea to decorate an empty wall. It works as a console with the upside of having storage so you can use it both for aesthetics and functionality. And because you can display anything you’d like on it, from family photos to plants and decorative pieces to lamps, it can add great character to your spaces


3 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 01

This one, the Darian sideboard is an exquisite piece. Made with the finest materials combined with precise knowledge of production made this a unique and luxury piece perfect to add that little extra touch to your interiors.

In case you’re undecided where to put it, choose that awkward wall you never knew what to do with, make it a statement wall and decorate it as you please, your options are endless! You can use art, family photos, a mirror or wall lamps in both sides.

3 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 02

The ones complememting the sideboard are from LUXXU, and they are the Draycott II Wall.

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3 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 03

Dining and Living Rooms are usually the heart of the house. It’s where you entertain your guests, where you welcome family and friends and where you celebrate special occasions. It’s the place you most want to look as good as possible. As the focal point of the room you should consider investing in a great table, that fits your needs. The Littus Dining Table was made in order to fit into the idea of having a piece that is both luxurious and functional. It’s also customizable to fit better into your designs, making it easier for you to decorate around it.

3 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 04

You can incorporate this beautiful piece in your own home, making it the focal point of any room by adding complementary elements as dining chairs in the same color scheme, decorative pieces such as vases, art or plants and what would be a dining table without a beautiful lamp over it?

3 Luxury Home Decor Ideas 05

These are the Empire Suspension and the Explosion Suspension. Both are by LUXXU.


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