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Luxury Design: All About LUXXU’s New Collection

LUXXU's New Collection: Interview with our Designer

Luxury Design: All About LUXXU’s New Collection ⇒ LUXXU strives to provide its clients with the highest quality, most innovative furniture pieces that translate to an eccentrically and exclusively luxurious lifestyle. Starting with unique lighting products and then broadening their horizons by creating exquisite furniture pieces, their newest collection will deliver a full extravagant experience and be more than furniture, a true concept of Luxury Design.


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LUXXU's New Collection: Interview with our Designer


What do you expect to achieve with LUXXU’s new collection?

LUXXU has been gaining increasing notoriety and popularity over the past year, having been featured in top luxury magazines and been a part of amazing projects worldwide, such as five-star hotels like the Ritz Carlton, incredible celebrity homes, blockbuster movies and even superyachts. With this in mind, the new collection is meant to solidify LUXXU’s position as an exclusive luxury brand that delivers exceptional Luxury Design and caters to a specific audience, one that expects a high-quality, personalized service that will answer their interior design needs.


LUXXU's New Collection: Interview with our Designer


What products can we expect from this collection?

We have extended some of our families with this new collection, creating new products for the Beyond, Waterfall, Charla lines and more, allowing our clients to furnish their entire projects with just one of our several collections. LUXXU has also delved more into the luxury office world, expanding our selection of bookcases, as well as our dining room and living room furniture, creating an array of new dining chairs, sideboards and lighting fixtures that will elegantly adorn your interiors. As you can see, there’s a lot of new Luxury Design products to look forward to from this launch.


LUXXU's New Collection: Interview with our Designer


Have you created any new categories for this launch?

Yes, we have. Last year we celebrated our first yacht project, and thus have begun to create pieces that can better suit the Luxury Design yachting industry. For this collection, we have designed the Nubian Bar Cabinet, a stunning storage piece that will surely elevate your designs, as well as the Thomson Sofa Living, the first piece of this family, intended for both comfort and functionality, with an attractive design that exudes luxury.


LUXXU's New Collection: Interview with our Designer


What inspired you to create this collection?

As time progresses, in our brand the most important thing has become to listen to our customers’ needs and to adapt our Luxury Designs to the business world of our clients. With time, we have learned how to take our client’s preferences into account, more so than interior trends and fast design. Therefore, we are inspired to develop a complete functional collection that can fulfil the need of the projects that comes into our hands and their work, their amazing projects and their needs. Nevertheless, we are creative people who believe that design is everywhere, so we also draw inspiration from everyday life.

LUXXU's New Collection: Interview with our Designer


In which direction does this collection take LUXXU?

We are working to extend our line with products that can fit a variety of projects, so that our clients can find a big variety of new pieces that didn’t exist. Thus, we are focused on growing so that our clients don’t need to look into any other brand of Luxury Design to close a project.


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