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Lights on, Prices down: LUXXU announces Price Reductions

Pharo Chandelier

Lights on, Prices down: LUXXU announces Price ReductionsLUXXU proudly announces permanent price reductions on our esteemed Pharo and Liberty lighting collections. Elevate your space with timeless elegance at an unmatched value, exclusively at LUXXU. Browse the incredible collections now and add a unique touch to your space with our Luxury Lighting Collection.

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Lights On, Price Down

Lights on, Prices down

Pharo’s elegance

Pharo Suspension Lamp

Lights on, prices down! Illuminate your space with the exquisite Pharo Suspension Lamp, creating a majestic atmosphere. A true masterpiece that floats in the air, spreading elegance and glamor throughout the space. The Pharo Suspension Lamp is a gold-plated brass and crystal fixture with classic beauty and aesthetics.

Pharo III Table Lamp

The Pharo III Table Lamp is notable for its delicate finishes and details. Made of brass and crystal glass with a marble base, the piece is finished with gold touches that add to its elegance. Enjoy this and many other pieces at a reduced price with LUXXU.

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Heritage Penthouse

Luxury Lighting Collection

Liberty’s refinement

Liberty Slim Chandelier and Senzu Sofa

Enjoy luxury furniture with Lights on, Prices Down. The glamorous Liberty Slim Chandelier is an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance to your living room. The original design of each round golden brass luminaire, complete with crystal glass, brings luxury to your living room or ballroom. The Senzu Sofa is an ideal balance of comfort and luxury. The sofa’s round shape highlights its comfort, functionality, and neutral color scheme with leather upholstery. It seamlessly integrates into your living room, adding the necessary refinement and comfort.

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Liberty Slim Chandelier

A luxurious light

Liberty Slim Snooker

Made of gold-plated brass and crystal glass, the Liberty Slim Snooker lamp is the epitome of elegance. With the delicacy of the Liberty Collection, it represents an excellent opportunity for any dining room or billiard room project. Check out this and many other masterpieces from LUXXU’S Luxury Lighting Collection.

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Liberty Slim Snooker

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Decorative lights

Accent lighting

Liberty Torch Wall
Pharo Floor Lamp

Lights on, Prices Down by LUXXU’s Lighting offers options for all tastes. Liberty Torch Wall is a lighting fixture with modern, delicate lines and incomparable-quality finishes. The design is inspired by the torch of the Statue of Liberty, providing your space with a distinct sense of creative freedom. The Pharo Floor Lamp draws inspiration from the architecture and symbolism of lighthouses. The lamp’s simple and elegant design, made of high-quality materials, makes it a one-of-a-kind work of art and beauty.

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