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Top 5 Lighting Design Trends

Choosing a suitable interior design is one of the hardest things to do. Which colors should I choose? Is this sofa appropriate? Where should I put this painting? So often, we tend to get stressed out because there are so many styles and decoration ideas and we feel like there is no quick solution. Our advice is: focus on the lighting. Really. We believe that an awesome lighting design can help you build the perfect space very easily!

Lighting design is considered to be one of the key  elements of architecture and home décor – what’s the use of having top luxury brand furniture if the lighting doesn’t match its quality? Besides, lighting elements can truly change the way a room looks. Much like Fashion, lighting trends are always changing so, are you up to date? Here we give you the Top 5 Lighting Design Trends of 2016!

1- Oversized

5 Top Lighting Design Trends

Oversized elements provide a unique and luxurious appearance. If you have a high ceiling entryway or living room, give it a chance. They enable a more sophisticated look because it fills up the whole space and it becomes the eye-centered element of the room. Even if the rest of the design is neutral, over sized chandeliers and pendants will, definitely, bring it to life.

2- Customizable Colors

5 Top Lighting Design Trends

This is, certainly, one of our favorite trends of the year. We believe that lighting can truly influence your mood and why not have one color for every occasion? Designers are, more often, investing on Customizable Color Lamps because it’s just a modern and fun touch! These modern lamps are often used for bedroom and living room decorations. Furthermore, the color pallet goes from warmer to colder tones and the decision is based on individual taste, what makes it so unique.

3- Minimalist Nature

5 Top Lighting Design Trends

Minimalism has become a huge influence nowadays. The new generation wants to change  the idea of “more is better” given by the capitalist era we live today. Their options go for simple, neutral color pallet homes with minimalist details like plants and small pieces. For that reason, designers are getting inspired by nature elements to provide amazing, decorative lamps. If you are a big fan of this trend, this is definitely the right design for you.

4 – Mid Century Modern

5 Top Lighting Design Trends

Following the same idea of Nature Inspired designs, the “less is more” attitude continues to be one of the main focuses. Traveling back to the great 50’s and 60’s, designers are trying to give this look, more modern details. This element is perfect because it blends in with any type of home décor contemporary lighting, modern, minimalist and so on- making it easy for any taste.

5 – Geometric Lamps

5 Top Lighting Design Trends

The technological advance of our times had a big influence on this matter. Geometric Forms, are without a doubt, the latest trend of 2016. Simplicity, once again, becomes the source of inspiration. Geometric forms are stylish and versatile providing a modern element to every space. A little touch of personality has never hurt anyone, right?

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These are our favorite design trends of 2016, please comment below, if you have any other ideas you’d like to share. Hope you found this article interesting and useful. For more design inspiration  feel free to visit our Pinterest or follow our Facebook page.