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Top 10 Kelly Hoppen Design Ideas

Contemporary design by Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is one of the greatest interior design inspirations of all times. Her home projects are an incredible source of luxury interior design ideas that can inspire you to get better home interiors. We have selected 10 Kelly Hoppen Interior Design Ideas to inspire you, enjoy!

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Chalet Design

Modern design Chalet by Kelly Hoppen This elegant Chalet in Switzerland is one of Kelly Hoppen’s beautiful interior design home decoration. The grey tones provide a calm and graceful ambience to the living room. Modern design bedroom by Kelly Hoppen The bedroom also presents an elegant modern design. The grey tones are now merged with beautiful calm rose tones that reflect the calm and sweetness that all bedrooms should evoke.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

Sophisticated Details

Contemporary living room design Pied a Terre, in London, is our second project made by the top interior designer Kelly Hoppen. Here we have a stylish living room with beautiful details all over. Modern design hallway by Kelly Hoppen The hallway presents the elegance that we all expected in luxury design, with beautiful long curtains and a shining art deco chandelier.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

Bright Touches

Stunning living room designed by Kelly Hoppen This stunning home in Beirut has a modern design easy to fall in love. The geometric lines and modern colors are the perfect combination in this living room.

Contemporary living room designed by Kelly Hoppen This amazing space continues to surprise us with beautiful stylish chairs and modern design center tables.

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


The ecletic apartment international In fourth place, we present you an eclectic apartment with a modern architecture design style. The hallway presents a contemporary design with modern décor pieces, like the golden egg sideboard. The ecletic apartment by Kelly Hoppen A contemporary design living room gives us more sense of modern design, characteristic of Kelly Hoppen, with sophisticated sofas and a stunning piano.

London Charm

Family home living room design Here next we present you a typically London family home. A cozy modern design living room carefully decorated with the unique taste of Kelly Hoppen. Family home london - modern design kitchen The kitchen has a perfect natural ambient lighting, which also provides a major sense of dimension. The green plants are the perfect touch in this white design kitchen.

Statement Chandeliers

the loft london by Kelly Hoppen In sixth place, we have a contemporary design London loft. The modern white ambience is enriched with green and brown decor touches. See also: Best of Yabu Pushelberg Modern Design Hotels The loft london living room design The living room has a contemporary design chair playing along with modern comfortable sofas. The semi-spiral staircase at the end of the room completes the glamour of the luxury space.

Winter Luxury

The ski chalet france by Kelly Hoppen The Ski Chalet, in France, is another design project made by this top interior designer. The living room presents a cosy sophisticated ambience that matches perfectly with the location. Evoking wood branches, the chandeliers are the highlighted pieces of this home decor, creating beautiful ambient lighting.

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

Indoor pool design at ski chalet france The indoor pool is absolutely stunning, with a subtle yet sophisticated lighting design and grey walls.

Metallic Glamour

Modern kitchen design at the town house london The Town House, in London, presents a luxury kitchen with a modern design fireplace. The ambience is completed with sophisticated metallic touches. Modern bedroom design at the town house london The bedroom design evokes all the calm and peacefulness the room requires, with a beautiful natural ambient lighting. The modern white design has little green decor touches to enrich the room.

French Inspired

Living room design at a Villa in France In ninth place, we present you this french Villa with a traditional modern design living room. From the custom pillows and curtains to the contemporary centre table, this space is full of home decor ideas for your own living room. Bedroom design at a Villa in France The bedroom presents the same traditional modern design, with beautiful lines and wallpaper that blends perfectly with the whole spirit of the room.

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Black Accents

Modern townhouse designed by Kelly hoppen Our last project made by Kelly Hoppen is a modern townhouse. The living room presents a contemporary design with some nature decor pieces. Bathroom design at a Townhouse in London The bathroom presents a modern marble design with an elegant black wood floor. Some brass details complete the scheme, giving a sophisticated ambience to the room.

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