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Give your home a new look with Empire Collection by Luxxu

LUXXU is capable of provide the best lighting solutions for a luxury home or hotel. The brand is inspired by the most iconic buildings and creations around the World and Empire State Building inspires LUXXU to create beautiful designs. Today we present our beautiful Empire Collection and our main goal is to inspire you to give your home a new and glamorous look!

Empire Chandelier is one of LUXXU’s best-sellers and it’s inspired by the stunning lines of Empire State Building. The chandelier is an extravagant shape full of modernity capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario.

empire chandelier pendant lamps

To complement the chandelier, LUXXU created a pendant version, inspired by the stunning design of Empire State Building too. The lighting piece has elegant lines and it’s a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive decoration setting.

empire pendant luxury lighting

LUXXU designed Empire Wall Lamp, a beautiful wall lamp that will fit perfectly in any luxurious ambiance. It’s a powerful creation and it’s capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario.

Empire Collection

Inspired by the beautiful architecture of the building, LUXXU creates now a new masterpiece to give a little more brightness to the Empire Collection and to glam up every ambiance: EMPIRE SNOOKER Chandelier. Created with glass and brass and finished with gold plated, this magnificent lighting piece is capable of giving a luxurious and glamorous look to any space. This chandelier is a true jewelry for your decoration, creating a sophisticated and unique atmosphere.

Empire Collection Empire Collection

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