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Home Master Catalogue: LUXXU’s Art Of Inspiring With Timeless Art

Home Master Catalogue: LUXXU’s Art Of Inspiring With Timeless Art – The LUXXU empire is shaping its future by pioneering timeless pieces and refined elegance with a philosophy that emphasizes meticulous attention to detail. When a product is well-crafted, it has luxury and it’s with this mindset that LUXXU’s attention to detail is reflected in its art, in the pieces that are displayed at tradeshows, and in the most impressive homes and hotels in the world, with bold designs that stand out with their distinct lines.

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A New Era Of Modern Design

LUXXU Home Master Catalogue: The Art Of Inspiring With Timeless Art

LUXXU creates designs to enjoy, but also to live for, with a distinct style that includes high-quality pieces that can be combined to create an interior entirely embellished with the brand’s creations. A sense of harmony fusion between innovation and tradition, delicate handwork techniques of the craftsman, and modern creativity. Each piece of art has a poetic design with unique details that can transform any environment into a luxurious space while evoking strong feelings and emotions. Today, LUXXU Blog presents you with the new LUXXU Home Master Catalogue featuring plenty of furniture categories to ensure you have everything you need to remodel/decorate your space!

Dining Tables

The Beyond Dining Table features distinctive details that create a delicate balance between the best hand-worked wood with brass touches and the warm and golden tones on its polished surface. This modern luxury dining table, designed in an exceptional moment of inspiration, is the ideal focal point of any dining setting.

Bar Tables

Darian Bar Table is inspired by the power of the shield and rises as a luxurious bar table, a high table fit for the most prestigious projects – bars, lobbies, or cocktail lounges. A wooden structure lined with gold-plated brass bars and topped with a smoked glass round top.

Center Tables

The Empire Set II Center Table was inspired by the iconic lines of the Empire Collection. This glamorous and extravagant three-piece round table set is made of old Plated Brass and Nero Marquina Marble. The style combines modern design with antique lines and has the extraordinary ability to center any atmosphere.

Side Tables

This side table, with its sublime shape, is the pinnacle of the ultimate design. It is made of finely crafted marble, polished brass, and smoked glass, and it creates a distinct and sophisticated atmosphere wherever it is placed. A fascinating and unique piece that exudes luxury and style. The Vertigo Side Table epitomizes a high-end lifestyle.


The Spear Console was designed with an imposing, sharp pen. The variety of its materials, including brass, wood, leather, and marble, results in a modern console with clean lines. Its inspiration comes from Ancient Rome, resulting in a timeless design for this art piece. A symbiotic relationship of toughness and elegance, ideal for elevating an environment to its most luxurious ambiance.


The Nubian Sideboard, inspired by the geometrical feat of the Nubian pyramids, is a versatile piece suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, or elegant hotels. Made of high-quality wood and gold brass, it is the epitome of luxury and an auspicious focal point in any setting.

TV Cabinets

A sophisticated and exclusive design anthem. The Apotheosis TV Cabinet is a defining presence that will transform any room it is in, creating a magnificent atmosphere around it. A daring but elegant balance of the finest materials, including Nero Marquina marble, gold-plated brass, and black lacquered wood.

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Bar Cabinets

The Algerone Bar Cabinet has architectural features and is a sleek and opulent design solution. Its main component is Statuario Marble, which gives it a strong and durable appearance. Algerone also features a handcrafted interior in smoked glass, polished brass, and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer. The Algerone Bar Cabinet is designed to create a stunning visual effect in an open-concept space or a modern living room.

Column Displays

The Empire Column Display is inspired by the architecture of the Empire State Building and uses the same empowering and passionate aesthetics in its design. With its stunning gold-plated brass and Nero Marquina marble, this luxury column display can provide a classic yet modern feel to any space. Ideal for traditional entrance halls and living rooms.


The new McQueen II Wall Light Mirror takes a simpler approach to design than the McQueen family’s floral leaf aesthetic. Simplicity is beauty, and this mirror has a contemporary luxury that is kept in the jewelry artisans’ tradition. This elegant design piece, like a savage beauty, evokes the sublime in a powerful way. The magnificent foliage is made of hammered brass with a gold-plated finish and crystals with a rhythmic luminosity.


Delta Screen explodes with a dramatic but elegant black, highlighting a sensual geometry in the four panels’ flow. This one-of-a-kind folding screen is beautifully wrapped in polished brass and black lacquered wood and accented with black leather. Unleash the unforgettable and addictive taste of one-of-a-kindness.


Dream in style in our magnificent Charla XL Bed! This magnificent design becomes the focus of your bedroom design. This larger-than-life bed design, made with grey and black leather and impeccable craftsmanship, becomes an impressive statement with luxury details. In our Charla XL Bed, you can wake up in style.


The Waltz Nightstand was created to honor a refined and unmistakable personality that seduces by the beauty of its contrasts. The high material quality rejects the ordinary to create exclusive and versatile solutions, exuding elegance, sobriety, and decisiveness.


The Charla Dresser goes above and beyond with a modern take on a timeless and classic piece. This dresser, made with exquisite materials such as polished brass, black lacquer, walnut root, smoked glass, and black and grey leather, creates an exclusive and versatile storage solution and exudes boundless elegance that blends luxury and practicality into one.

Valet Stand

Valet Stands are the most sophisticated and intelligent solution for streamlining daily routines. The Waltz Valet Stand is a sophisticated option that combines style and functionality! This high-end valet stand has three hooks for ties, scarves, or belts, a shoe rack, brass bars for trousers, a drawer with brass hardware for additional storage, and a hanger for coats and shirts.


Waltz Closet is a stylish modular clothing storage system. The finest materials were used, including walnut root veneer, black leather, black lacquered wood, brass, and a smoked mirror. Waltz is a luxury master bedroom closet with a fully customizable organization system that includes shelves, rods, and drawers. The Waltz is a modular piece, so different module combinations can be used to better fit your space.


The Apotheosis Desk, inspired by Greek Mythology, is a powerful statement piece that will enrich and elevate any project. This office desk is the ultimate display of luxury, sophistication, and functionality coming together as one in a marvelous encounter of talented craftsmanship and innovative design. It is equipped with a USB port for maximum accessibility.

LuxxuLuxxu LightingLuxxu OutdoorPullcast


The towering Algerone Bookcase, inspired by architectural elements, is sure to add a sense of modern glamour to any home office space. Its sleek design is complemented by a variety of exquisite finishes, such as Statuario marble and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer, which match the polished brass detailing found throughout.

Dressing Tables

The Empire Dressing Table is designed for the ultimate luxurious bedroom with the same empowering and passionate aesthetics. With its stunning high-quality materials such as brass, bronze, and Nata leather, this luxury item can provide a classic yet modern feel to any bedroom. Perfect for the most luxurious of bedrooms!

It’s Upholstery Time!

Office Chairs

Its ergonomic shape ensures proper posture, allowing you to work comfortably for hours on end, and the best materials, including velvet, brass, and lacquered wood, ensure high quality. All of this is combined into a single office chair that combines comfort and luxury. Charla Office Chair is a timeless classic with a contemporary twist.

Dining Chairs

Galea Dining Chair is a glamorous dining chair that combines ancient and modern elements. It is inspired by a helmet worn by Roman Empire warriors and is created using traditional manufacturing techniques. The end result is a velvet and leather modern armchair with an elegant silhouette that works well in upscale restaurants and modern dining rooms.

Bar Chairs

The Otto Swivel Bar Chair, designed to complement the Otto family, is LUXXU’s homage to luxurious design. The brass detail elevates this product to a masterpiece, which is made with noble materials such as gray velvet and leather.


The arched backrest, designed for comfort, is supported by a brass frame. The Ocadia Armchair, a velvet armchair with just the right amount of luxury, is defined by its high durability, comfort, and style. The Ocadia, inspired by turtle shells, is a luxurious way to relax. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and lounges, as well as office space.


The Thomson Sofa embodies Luxxu’s refined design, with fresh details and, above all, luxurious and sensual touch to any living room. Thomson Sofa’s combination of standard materials makes it a one-of-a-kind option for any design project.


Prisma Ottoman is an upholstery piece that was created to bring the best of design into any space. Each ottoman is meticulously handmade with high-quality materials and hand-sewn individually by expert upholsterers. A luxurious item that can be adapted to any ambiance or style.


A sophisticated neutral element with a strong presence for any sophisticated interior. The Algerone Stool features polished brass, gray leather, and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer. The architectural influences of the collection are embodied in its design, giving it a remarkable aesthetic while also providing the utmost comfort.

Chaise Longues

Chaise longues have long been associated with opulent master bedrooms and luxury design. The Charla Chaise Longue takes the Charla lines and adds a modern twist to these classic pieces. The high-end modern chaise longue in leather is the ultimate expression of luxury, comfort, and elegance.

These and many many more masterpieces are waiting for you! Download NOW the LUXXU Home Master Catalogue to start exploring today!

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LUXXU Home Master Catalogue: The Art Of Inspiring With Timeless Art

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