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Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool: Experience Luxury Like Never Before

Heritage Penthouse Liverpool - Bar Area | LUXXU

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool: Experience Luxury Like Never BeforeLiverpool, a city steeped in history and culture, now boasts the pinnacle of luxury living with the introduction of the Heritage Penthouse by LUXXU. Nestled along the riverside, this opulent residence marries the vibrant spirit of Liverpool with contemporary elegance, offering an unparalleled experience in riverside luxury. Join the LUXXU Blog on a tour of the luxury furniture and lighting brand’s latest project.

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Discover LUXXU's Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - A stunning new interior design project, celebrating life by the riverside

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool

Experience Luxury Like Never Before

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Bar Area

A Grand Entrance: Diverse Influences in Open Spaces

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Entryway

The Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool welcomes guests with an open-plan space that seamlessly blends classical, modern, and contemporary aesthetics. Each corner of this residence tells a story, featuring carefully curated pieces from renowned brands such as Boca do Lobo, DelightFull, and PullCast, alongside LUXXU’s signature designs. The entryway sets the tone with pieces like the Greek-inspired Pietra Nero Console and the exquisite Waterfall Table Lamp, while the bar area exudes sophistication with the Algerone Sideboard and the Halo Mirror, adorned with metallic accents that elevate the space.


Waterfall Table Lamp and Algerone Sideboard

Luxurious Living Spaces: Comfortable Elegance

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Living Room

In the living area, LUXXU’s Charla and Thomson sofas provide a perfect balance of comfort and glamour, complemented by Boca do Lobo’s Navarra Coffee Table and Hera Round Suspension.

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room features the premium Algerone Rectangular Dining Table paired with Charla Dining Chairs, creating an imperial ambiance for memorable dining experiences. The ultra-modern kitchen continues the theme with Charla Swivel Bar Chairs and Hera Suspension Lamp, adding a touch of golden-era aesthetics to culinary endeavors.


Thomson Sofa and Algerone Rectangular Dining Table

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Opulence Meets Comfort in Bedroom Suites

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Master Suite Bedroom

The bedroom suite embodies hospitality with its luxurious amenities, including the Château Bed with a tufted headboard, Charla Nightstands, and the Empire II Table Lamp. Textures take center stage in the bathroom, where intricate pieces like the Sapphire Mirror, the Symphony Bathtub, and the Waterfall XL Wall Lamp create a serene retreat.

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool Bathroom


Charla Nightstand and Waterfall XL Wall Lamp

Luxury in Every Detail: Walk-In Closets and Guest Bedrooms

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Walk In Closet

The suite features a walk-in closet, showcasing LUXXU’s Waltz family. Captivating, with allure and creamy tones, the ensemble is composed of a valet stand, an island, and a closet offer advanced storage solutions and bespoke luxury with upholstered interiors and bejeweled accents. Notable additions also feature the expansive Athos Mirror and Boca do Lobo’s inventive Supernova Suspensions.

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Guest Room

The guest bedroom embraces natural elements with polished wood flooring and features bespoke versions of Algerone furniture, along with elegant lighting by LUXXU and DelightFull. It features the architecturally framed Château Bed, complemented by the intricate Algerone Side Tables and the stylish Waterfall Table Lamps and Pendants. On the opposite end, contemporary elegance is achieved with a customized version of the Algerone Sideboard, sleek Spear Wall lamps, and the Noir Stool in sage tones.


Waltz Closet and Châteu Bed

Casual Sophistication in Teenager’s Bedroom and Deluxe Home Office

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool - Teenager Room

Neutral mystique defines the teenager’s bedroom, with concrete walls, marble features, and custom-made Algerone Nightstands adding personality. Nothing was left by chance, and this division also has a small and stylishly designed study area, featuring the Algerone Office Chair.

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool Office

The deluxe home office combines functionality and aesthetics with the Algerone Desk and Skyline Suspension, while elements like the Ocadia Armchairs and Liberty Slim Suspension elevate the space.


Ocadia Armchair and Algerone Desk

A Luxury Atmosphere with Waterside Views

Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool Balcony

Finally, the balcony offers a serene retreat with Galea Armchairs and a sofa for lounging, complemented by the Vertigo Outdoor Dining Table and Charla Dining Chairs for al fresco dining against the backdrop of waterside views.


Outdoor Nebo Floor Lamp and Galea Grey Armchair

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Thank you for joining us on this tour of the Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool. This project aims to redefine riverside luxury, offering a harmonious blend of history, culture, and contemporary elegance. With its meticulously curated interiors and bespoke creations, LUXXU invites guests to experience Liverpool like never before. Download LUXXU’s Project Ebook, dive deep into every corner of this interior design enterprise, and check out all the curated furniture, lighting, and decor products that compose this urban tableau. All the bespoke featured designs are an illustration of LUXXU’s commitment to always coming up with the best solutions for your projects.

The Heritage Penthouse in Liverpool combines style and functionality to perfection while holding the exclusive allure of bespoke creations. Browse through the LUXXU Blog for news and other topics concerning the world of interior design. You are also welcome to take a look at our social media. Find us on PinterestFacebookand Instagram.