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Exquisite Families: The Darian Lineage

Exquisite Families: The Darian Lineage=> In a world that is increasingly attacked by fickle changes and where adaptation is needed every second, Luxxu created the Darian Family to find the luxurious balance that is sought after. Carefully selected to fill every room in a house and paying special attention to the bathrooms in partnership with the monumental Maison Valentina, known worldwide for the quality of its interiors. This luxury Family Line adapts perfectly to any ambiance or style.

This Family is proof that precise knowledge and expert craftsmanship can create a luxurious silhouette.

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Exquisite Families – The Darian Lineage

A collection of modern lines, the Darian line has been carefully crafted with the thought of the future in mind, bold edges, and high-end material fused through a timeless design. It all started with this magnificent sideboard. The Darian sideboard draws inspiration from the power of the shield and sphere of protection, as well as the dynamic from its irregular shape. This would be the first product that even would inspire the partnership with Maison Valentina.

A dining area with powerful intent

Exquisite Families – The Darian Lineage

The magnificent Darian lines were followed for the Dining Room, where the essence was maintained but the contours were different. It gave birth to another essential product, The Darian Dining Table. This table is made of round smoked glass placed on top of a wooden structure in black lacquer touched by gold-plated brass bars. A Beautiful complement to the Lineage, one that would be an icon in LUXXU’s products.

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Recipe that Works We don’t Change

Exquisite Families – The Darian Lineage

Clearly inspired by our Dining Table, this side table came to light through the various requests in reduced point of the dining table to have a little of Darian Design incorporated in your living rooms. LUXXU fulfilled the wishes and even assigned a new finish in wood and gold brass. A fantastic addition to an already beautiful collection, always following the same pattern and idea behind the inspirations.

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Exquisite Families – The Darian Lineage

The Partnership the came to Be – Maison Valentina

After many ideas discussed and reformulated, the partnership with Maison Valentina was born. LUXXU has always tried to be the best on all fronts of the market, but we are humble and we admit that in bathrooms Maison Valentina is undoubtedly a reference. With them came a complement to all our products from the Darian family.

The Ideal Bathroom Design

Exquisite Families – The Darian Lineage

The Darian Bathtub was born inspired by the same lines, bringing a point of reference to the interior of the bathrooms, using the bold edges and complemented in the same way with black colors and gold accents, it exudes elegance and refinement in the same way.

Exquisite Families – The Darian Lineage

As a complement, we reached our Darian Mirror, further favoring our hand in the bathroom market, following the same line to merge elegantly with Maison Valentina products. It combines perfectly with the Bathtub and the Freestanding giving a luxurious design throughout the whole partnership.

Exquisite Families: The Darian Lineage

The Darian Line was not only inspired as a single-family but as a whole. Both the Partnership Products such as this Darian Freestanding and our own products, all have been studied and made in order to be a guiding thread with all our other families. In this environment we have the magnificent example of this freestanding with the elegant Athos Mirror, It’s a strong design and despite its dimensions, it looks elegant in any setting.

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