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Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes In the World

A List of The Most Expensive Luxury Homes of 2016

We at Luxxu, are always looking for the most pertinent luxury news around the world and since we are heading to 2017, we felt it’s time to talk about the 3 most expensive luxury homes of 2016!

For our most curious readers, today is the day you get a sneak peak of where the richest of the rich live and how much they spent for their impressive luxury homes. After researching through dozens of famous residences, celebrity homes and castles, we managed to choose the 3 that out-valued the rest!

3 – Villa Leopolda

Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes In the World

Location: Cote D’Azure, France

Value: $736 Million

The 3rd most expensive luxury home in our list is the outstanding Villa Leopolda. Named after Belgian Kind Leopold II, Villa Leopolda is the largest and most expensive French Villa in the world! With a value of $736 Million, a fair price to pay for one of the most impressive views of the Mediterranean, and everything this facility has to offer in terms of luxury goods.  The ultimate dream!

Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes In the World

Villa Leopolda keeps in its interiors the most wonderful luxury home furnishings you can ever ask for. These pieces are somehow similar to the European brand BRABBU, and they provide a touch of modern contemporary design into the room. The rustic wall lamps make the whole ambiance pop in a very sophisticated way. Incredible!

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2 – Antilia

Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes In the World

Location: Mumbai, India

Value: $1 billion

Believe it or not but this incredible luxury home is a single residence! It was built for Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India, and has over 600 people employed to function on a daily basis. With a value of $1 billion Antilia makes 2nd place in our list of most expensive luxury homes in the world!

Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes In the World

The outside of the building has been completed in a modern, unconventional and, to many, an unattractive design , however the interior design is beautifully done in a more sophisticated and lavish, yet modern style.

The only thing mission on this luxury home is a classic crystal chandelier.

1 – Buckingham Palace 

Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes In the World

Location: London

Value: $1.56 Billion

The most expensive Luxury Home in the world is the Buckingham Palace! Home of the English Royal Family, the property is worth $1.56 billion and has an incredible historical value. Although it serves administrative purposes, there was no way we wouldn’t include it in our list!

Top 3 Most Expensive Luxury Homes In the World

Inside the most expensive luxury home in the world there are 775 rooms, a post office, a cinema, a swimming pool, a doctor’s surgery room, and , last but not least, a jeweler’s workshop. Anything you could ask for basically.
The interior design of the Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic and magical in the world and we couldn’t stop staring at the incredible crystal chandeliers falling from the ceiling! 

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