Discover The Best Lake Hotels In Italy

Discover the Best Lake Hotels in Italy 02

If you’re planning a trip to beautiful Italy anytime soon, perhaps to iSaloni, you need to take a look at these 5 lake hotels in Italy!

The lakes of Northern Italy are a go-to travel destination for many people, including the world’s elite. And it comes as no surprise, as the area is filled with luxury lakeside hotels.

From the well-known Lake Como to the less known but also stunning Lake Maggiore, the shores of the lakes are filled with villas, charming villages, breathtaking landscapes and lots of beautiful places to visit and experience Italian culture.

If you’re going to iSaloni Milan 2019 you might want to extend your stay, as some of these beautiful lakes are only a short drive away from Milan.

Il Sereno di Lago Como
Lake Como

Discover the Best Lake Hotels in Italy 01

A modern property that opened in 2016 and designed by Milanese designer Patricia Urquiola. The designer worked closely with local artisans and artist to craft a space filled with natural and unique materials. The hotel also has some stunning views over the area and amenities include a pool, a spa, many activities and a restaurant awarded with 1 Michelin star.

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli

Lake Garda

Discover the Best Lake Hotels in Italy 02

Built back in 1892 has a summer home for a wealthy family, Villa Feltrinelli is nowadays a luxury hotel with only a few rooms, therefore a very exclusive one. Besides the Neo-Gothic architecture and the wonderful location, the beautiful property also includes a Michelin starred dining.

Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees

Lake Maggiore

Discover the Best Lake Hotels in Italy 03

This hotel looks like a place from a movie! This Art Noveau Hotel opened its doors back in 1863 and has inspired many individuals, including Ernest Hemingway. This luxury lakeside hotel offers only the best nowadays, from an on-site tennis court to a Japanese Garden, a spa and the most luxurious interiors you can possibly imagine!

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Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Lake Como

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Built as a holiday family back in the 19th century and became a hotel later in 1873. This hotel has been hosting famous guests, such as Winston Churchill, Clark Gable, John F. Kennedy, and European royalty.

Grand Hotel Fasano

Lake Garda

Discover the Best Lake Hotels in Italy 05

Built originally as a hunting lodge for the Austrian imperial family and converted into a hotel in 1888. During Worl War II it suffered damage but was restored, and still has many of the original neoclassical elements. It’s located in Lake Garda, halfway between Milan and Venice and offers the best of luxury travel.


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