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Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske from Unum Design Deco

Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske

Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske from Unum Design Deco : We usually follow our passions and personal interests and inspirations through social media, specifically on Instagram, right? The same happened with Raimonda Vazinske. Discover more about this amazing Interior Designer with Luxxu and Meetsales.

A passion that became a way of life!

Raimonda followed various interior designers on Instagram for many years, to always keep up with the latest trends. She always had a passion for beauty and harmony in details that come together as a whole. Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske

Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske


Her husband started working in the furniture industry, and after Raimonda worked with him for more than five years she decided to have her own hobby and discovered a passion for luxury handles. There it is, the details coming together as a whole! Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske

Handles may seem something discrete and less important, but they aren’t. They can make all the difference! Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske

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This was how Unum Design Deco was born! A showroom where Raimonda is the owner and works as a reseller and partner of some of the best-known luxury brands in the world.

The name for the showroom came from another of Raimonda’s passions: the interior design style that Unum Design London has. Inspirations and passions moved Raimonda and got her where she is today!


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Raimonda loves the luxury handle industry because she thinks that more and more beauty is evolving. The details and complexity in interior design are becoming a lot more detailed as we move forward in time. This makes it possible for each project to have different elements and different details.

Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske

The details are so important that Raimonda selects the brands she works with very well. “Most important is the product and the quality of the product. The customer service and the expectation of support and help each other to achieve the same goal improve and grow.”



Since she is not an interior designer, Raimonda sells specific products (just handles), and she has only a few suppliers she works with. Those suppliers have a unique taste, feel, and craftsmanship that customers appreciate. “And this is the client base that we are working with”, she says.


Everything Raimonda values and appreciates in the brands she works with PullCast has! For this reason, Unum Design Deco is a reseller of the PullCast brand.

When asked why she chose PullCast to work with, Raimonda highlights the unique design. In addition, PullCast, as well as all the brands Meetsales represents, work with craftsmanship. Something that Unum Design Deco’s customers also value. “Our customers value craftsmanship that is highly valued in our culture and traditions and handling handcrafted elements with such unique design is definitely a winner and that’s why we chose to be a reseller and partner of the product we believe in.”

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Raimonda Vazinske has several plans for her showroom, and the next step will be to develop her own brand of handles and have her own collections.

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We look forward to seeing this step at Unum Design Deco. With such attention to detail, beauty, and quality, they will certainly be an addition to the world of interior design!

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Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske

Design MEETings with Raimonda Vazinske