Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators!

Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators! – Many people start decorating their houses for the Holidays right after Halloween but as we all know, some wait until the last minute to put up the decorations. With that in mind, LUXXU Blog prepared this article specially for those who don’t know where to start. Consider this our early Christmas present to you! Enjoy! Happy Holidays!🎄

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Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators!

Get Ready For The Holly Jolly Season

Eco Celebration

Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators!

Image Credit: Pottery Barn

Over the years, our environmental conscience has been evolving and more and more people take this into consideration when it comes to decorating their homes. Christmas is no exception and now that sustainability is finally cool and part of the woke culture, it is becoming trendy when it comes to interior design. Better later than never, right? Opting for wood ornaments instead of plastic ones is the first step to a more environmentally friendly Christmas. Not only are they less harmful to the Planet, but they are also the perfect choice for a cozy, classic Christmas atmosphere.

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Blue Christmas

Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators!
Image credit: Neiman Marcus

More than a beautiful Christmas song by legendary Elvis, blue Christmas is a decor trend this year! If you are feeling bold and daring, of course. Traditionally associated with royalty and luxury, blue and gold will create the most timeless and elegant colour palette to pair with your ornaments. Very regal indeed!

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Lavender Haze

Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators!
Image credit: Gordon Beall

Another bold suggestion for those who wish to follow a less traditional path this Christmas. Pastel colours have been trending for the last couple of years and it is a trend set to continue. The traditional pale pink gives place to lavender and purple tones this Christmas, and it can be found in ornaments, wallpaper or even table settings.

Nostalgic Christmas Carrol

Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators!
Image credit: LUXXU

Christmas is synonymous with nostalgia and for that reason, traditional decor will always be on trend. After all, Christmas is all about tradition, isn’t it? It’s a time when we gather the family and reminisce on past celebrations, think about those who have always been present and those who are no longer with us. Specially now that we have gone through difficult times as a whole community, Christmas is about creating a safe and cozy cocoon! So put out the nutcrackers, the mistletoe branches and the candles! Pair it with classic modern furniture and watch magic happen!

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Apotheosis Dining Table and Charla Dining Chair

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Go Bohemian

Christmas Trends For Last-Minute Decorators!
Image credit: CB2

Boho style introduces a dreamy feel to Christmas with a more relaxed and natural aesthetic. Focus on a winter sun colour palette and mix soft pampas plumes with your tree branches to create an original and out of the box decor. Dried flowers and earthy tones such as beige and cream mixed with rattan details are set to result in a stylish and more discreet look.

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