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Best Interior Design Projects in Chicago

Best Interior Design Projects in Chicago

Chicago designers have the privilege of working at the global architecture capital. As a town famed for its bold architecture, museums and cultured art community, many design professionals even choose to move to this amazing city. Chicago has a rich tradition of historically important architecture, being an active hub for the interior design industry. With so many and good interior designers here, Chicago have some of the best and luxurious interior designs projects. Discover them with our list of the Best Interior Design Projects in Chicago.

1. Virgin Hotel Chicago by Rockwell Group’s and Delightfull

Rockwell Group’s Madridoffice brings to life Virgin Hotels Chicago, the brand’s first property, with a contemporary style that is sophisticated and elegant, yet understated and playful. The hotel’s vibe is casual and relaxed, and the design emphasizes comfort and warmth, with a sense of wit and humor.


There’s still a little bit of work still left to do, however, as the rooftop lounge, spa and ground-level coffee and wine bar are not open just yet, but Virgin reps anticipate that everything will be completed and opened by early-mid Spring. In this project we can find some of the stunning pieces by Delightfull like Stanley Floor and Botti Suspension.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu

2. Master Bedroom Design by T.H.I. and Luxxu

A luxury master bedroom that is just breathtaking! This is a design project by T.H.I. Interiors with Luxxu pieces like Burj Chandelier, Burj Pendant and Liberty Wall.

Chicago-based design firm The Haute Interiors transforms living experiences into haute spaces full of character and elegance. With a brand USP that focuses on creating an interior lifestyle experience, Rahal, founder and designer of T.H.I.,  says that most of her clients are those who want designs that are full of character. Is here that enter Luxxu with their luxurious chandeliers and stunning wall lamps.

3. Chicago Ravenswood Residence – The Inspired Interiors Team

Design by The Inspired Interiors Team, Ravenswood have an incredible design with luxury materials and a color palette that is simply to die for.

Here we can see a mix of unique styles gathered in the 7,000+ sq. The casual meets formal and a mix of styles and cultures, that is evident in the living room with a beautiful velvet, sleek lines, luxury golden details. A contemporary design that translates elegance and sophistication at its highest level.

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte

4. Chicago Luxury Apartment by T.H.I and Luxxu

T.H.I. Interiors like we mention before, has a range of customers extremely luxurious and extravagant. This project is one of the examples.With a mid century style, this project is absolutly stunning. Since the colors to the materials, everuthing was extremely thought to detail.

In this project we can see that some of the masterpieces are our Luxxu piecies. The star on the living room design is our Empire Chandelier, inspired by the stunning architecture of The Empire State Building. Their extravagant shape transformed the space into a stunning scenario creating an exclusive atmosphere. To go with, two beautiful Empire Wall.

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5. Chicago Coastal Highrise by Third Coast Interiors

Third Coast Interiors work with each client to create lasting environments that are unique to their personal vision and lifestyle, ensuring that each space is as functional as it is beautiful.

This beatutifull project based in Chicago Coastal Highrise has a simple and elegant design where the white color prevails contrasting with golden details giving a gorgeous and luxurious touch to this house design.

6. Pinnacle Residence by GOOCHDESIGNSTUDIO LLC

This time we have this amazing condominium renovation  on Pinnacle Residence. A project by GOOCHDESIGNSTUDIO LLC. GOOCHDESIGNSTUDIO LLC balance style between the historic and the current, aware of their place in a continum of design thought.

Rather than bringing preconceived notions to the design table, they strive to integrate each client’s specific requirements into a solution that is uniquely theirs. This beautiful project it’s a modern design with luxurious elements combined with comtemporary piecies resulting on a perfect mix and match.

7.Chicago Club by Grey Walter

This private club serves the upper-most echelon of Chicago’s business community, it is a veritable who’s-who of CEO’s and business leaders. The building was originally built in the 19th century, it is the former location of the Art Institute of Chicago now located a few blocks to the north.

We worked in tandem with the club management and board members to redo the ballroom, private meeting rooms, dining room, public spaces and sleeping accommodations. Our extensive experience in historic preservation was required to bring back the luster on this gorgeous old building.

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8. Chicago Waterfront by Frank Ponterio

The modern waterfront residence showcases Frank Ponterio’s colorful side, featuring a sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic with elegant details and punchy accents.

The Chicago-based designer celebrates the space’s dominant feature – its breathtaking views of Lake Michigan – using fine, patterned drapery that playfully frames the windows and calls attention to the expansive vistas. Natural light enhances the space while pops of blue and chartreuse effortlessly blend with rich textures, such as mohair and velvet. Committed to fulfilling his client’s vision and individual needs, Ponterio created an engaging space designed to serve multiple needs: entertaining, dining or relaxing.

Gentlemans Office

9. The Paragon By Mary Cook

Taking a cue from the high-rise’s glassy exterior and unique chamfered corners, MCA designed the lobby, mail/package room, and four model apartments with a Mid-Century-meets Manhattan aesthetic.

“Mad Men meets Manhattan” was the phrase that guided the finished product, one that combines a midcentury vibe with a sleek, urban boutique hotel. The ingenious use of burnished stainless steel, polished brass accents, deep navy, and slate blues echoed elements of the brand identity. A custom pattern was scored into the floor using the large format tiles, and brass insets repeated the distinctive faceted detail of the building’s exterior.

10. The Nobel – Champagne Bar

This is an such elegant design project by  Simeone Deary Design Group. The colors and the materials used in this project bring and a luxurious statement and a extremely exquisit touch to this bar. It’s a quasi-private space. The lounge’s customers will be mostly those staying inside the hotel’s “tower suites” — the property’s more pricey and exclusive rooms.

11. The Gwen, a Luxury Collection Hotel – Simeone Deary

Simeone Deary’s involvement in each project goes well beyond design.  They develop compelling concepts and evocative environments for the hospitality industry including branding and lifestyle hotels, boutique luxury hotels and resorts, entertainment venues and residential projects.

This Boutique Hotel overflow with luxury and elegance. The golden details all over the project give to it a classic and sophisticated touch to the ambiente.

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12. Four Seasons Residence by Frank Ponterio

Frank Ponterio wanted to be sure everything in the home reflected the eclectic tastes and interest of the owner. Fantastic artwork takes center stage throughout, including bold limited edition prints of David Bowie by award-winning photographer Markus Klinko and modern abstracts by local painter Lonney White.
Textured and graphic wallcoverings also amplify the home’s visual intrigue, with hand-painted “Ink Blots” paper by Porto Teleo stealing the show in the guest room.

13. Hotel Allegro By Simone Deary

Originally constructed in 1926 as Hotel Bismarck, the Hotel Allegro underwent intensive renovations to restore its art deco glamour and modernize its communal spaces, a interior design project by Simeone Deary.

For guests on their way to check-in, original restored brass handrails guide them up the main staircase to reception where they are ushered into the grand lobby with new floor to ceiling windows, bright white marble floors and marble paneled fireplace.

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14. Lake Forest Showhouse by Alexandra Kaehler

Design by Alexandra Kaehler, this classic Chicago loft was a full gut rehab, while combining two existing units in the building. Our goal was to give the client a single family home experience, in their city loft.

15. Ukranian Village by EKD

As a residential renovation project, located in Ukrainian Village, EKD transformed this three-unit apartment into a single-family home.
The objetive was to create a home that was soothing, yet bold. And through meticulously selected shapes, colors, and textures we not only achieved this, but they also formed an environment that embodied both the homeowner’s style and also their unique perspective at EKD.

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