Discover The Best Art Galleries in Milan

Discover The Best Art Galleries in Milan 04

Traveling to Milan soon? Discover here some of the best art galleries in Milan you need to visit!

Milan has always been a city where art flourishes. Form the antique past to Renaissance and to our days. The city was even the center of several historically significant art movements, as the 14th-century Gothic and 20th-century Futurism.

The rich history of Milan, that dates back to the 11th-century can be seen in the streets and in the art galleries, where old and new are together as one. There are even some masterpieces you can only see in Milan as the Last Supper (1498) or The Kiss (1859).

If you’re going to iSaloni, discover the galleries in Milan that you can’t miss.

Pinacoteca di Brera

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Housed in a palace in the Brera district, this gallery hosts a collection of artworks with a special focus on Venetian and Lombard paintings. Many of the works that are exhibited in the walls of this museum were looted from churches and convents, so the collection is dominated by religious themes. However, the collection has grown and now includes a modern wing where visitors can enjoy the masterpieces of  Bellini, Caravaggio and many more Italian artists.

Massimo De Carlo

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Massimo De Carlo, an art dealer with spaces in Milan, London, and Hong Kong, is renowned for bringing international artists to Milan. With several spaces in the city, one on Via Ventura and another in Palazzo Belgioioso, a gallery designed by Giuseppe Piermarini the Tatro alla Scala.

Kaufmann Repetto

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Born from the collaboration of Francesca Kaufman and Chiara Repetto, this gallery designed by architect Frank Böhm allows a wide range of works, including large-scale installations, and has quickly become one of the favorite galleries in Milan.

Galleria Carla Sozzani

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Opened since 1990, this gallery is one of Milan’s most important photography galleries. Incredible and renowned artists as Annie Leibovitz, Martin Margiela and others alike have had their works exhibited upon the walls of this space in Milan, which happens to be one of the three galleries Sozzani has, the others are in Berlin and Seoul.

Cardi Black Box

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Specializing in Contemporary Art, Cardi Black Box is quickly becoming one of the best art galleries in Milan! Located in Brera, this gallery combines both culture and business. The exhibition features both renowned artists, such as Carla Accardi, Andy Warhol, and emerging talents that need promoting!


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