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Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU => Austin, here is a selection of luxurious bar aesthetics we’re sure will astonish you! Delight yourself with these unbelievable designs and, while you’re at it, draw some inspiration for your own projects.

have a seat in style

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

A place destined to work as an escape from the weekly routine, to be the meeting ground between friends, and to be the stage for good times, the perfect bar must be able to offer comfort and style to its customers. With this and some luxury in mind, Austin, here are some designs that will dazzle and inspire you!

Zanzibar’s Rooftop Unique Aesthetic

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU
Foto by Zanzibar Austin

The perfect combination of a tropical ambiance with a mid-century style, this colorful rooftop bar is the ideal place to relax like you were on vacation. With amazing sunset views, amazing flora and comfortable spaces, this luxurious bar is promised to enhance the night of every customer! Austin, we recommend that you check it out whenever you have the time.

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Galea Bar Chair

Combining modern style with ancient history, Galea‘s elegant silhouette and strong presence make it the ideal piece to upscale any bar ambiance. Made with wood, brass and leather, this piece will bring comfort and luxury to your projects.

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

Townsend’s discreet and luxurious style

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU
Photo by SJ Reid Photography

Occupying the inspiring historic space on Congress Avenue, the Townsend is an upscale, yet discreet, cocktail bar and performance venue. Filled with astonishing couches and chandeliers, this shining and exclusive bar is everyone’s dream spot on a Saturday night! Don’t you agree Austin?

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Charla Swivel Bar Chair

Amazingly combining style and comfort, the Charla Swivel Bar Chair is ready to uplift your projects! This modern piece is the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication, and will bring an exclusive feel to your stunning designs!

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

LuxxuLuxxu LightingLuxxu OutdoorPullcast

A Dark and Intimate Look

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

This is the ideal look if your project is destined for a more reserved and discrete audience. This intimate bar, equipped with the stunning Charla Swivel Bar Chair and the imposing Liberty Small Pendant, has the comfortable and luxurious style your designs require!

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Liberty Small Pendant

Filled with sublime lines, with a superb combination of crystal glass and gold-plated brass, the Liberty Small Pendant is the decorative piece that is missing in your fantastic designs!

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

A Luxurious and Eccentric Design

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

If your looking for a strongly lit space, that really stands out, this might just be the design for you. With the comfort of the Otto Swivel Bar Chair and the strong presence of the Liberty Pendant, this ambiance by LUXXU has everything you’ll ever need in a bar! Cheers to this luxurious space!

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Otto Swivel Bar Chair

An absolutely luxurious design, the Otto Swivel Bar Chair was built with noble materials, like high-quality velvet and leather. This true masterpiece will turn ou designs into ultimate works of art!

Austin Amazing Bars With LUXXU

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