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Arista International: Designing Ultra-Luxury Interiors

Arista International: Designing Ultra-Luxury InteriorsArista International emerges as a beacon of sophistication, bringing ultra-luxury interior design to life across both residential and commercial properties. Hailing from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Arista is synonymous with breathtaking, inspirational projects that transcend borders and redefine the standards of luxury.

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Arista International

Designing Ultra-Luxury Interiors

Arista International: Designing Ultra-Luxury Interiors - Lakeside Project


At the core of Arista Design’s identity is a commitment to multi-disciplinary interior and architectural design, coupled with seamless build and fit-out services. Specializing in the world’s most luxurious property projects, Arista International stands as a trailblazer in the industry, setting new benchmarks for quality, innovation, and aesthetic brilliance.

From Dubai to the World: Curating Exquisite Designs

Arista International: Designing Ultra-Luxury Interiors - Jumeirah Golf Estate Project

© ARISTA INTERNATIONAL | Jumeirah Golf Estate Project

Arista International‘s portfolio spans across the United Kingdom, Europe, and its home base, Dubai. Their projects are immersive experiences crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The team at Arista is dedicated to curating nothing short of stunning environments that speak volumes about luxury, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

Arista International proudly introduces high-end European design to the United Arab Emirates, seamlessly blending the rich heritage of European aesthetics with the contemporary allure of the UAE. As award-winning interior designers, their focus extends to prime residential spaces, high-end commercial establishments, and the world of hospitality. Arista’s commitment to industry-leading quality ensures that each project is a testament to excellence, reflecting a perfect fusion of form and function.


Galea Bar Chair

Galea Bar Chair by LUXXU Home

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Experience Led, Design Driven: The Arista Advantage

Arista International: Designing Ultra-Luxury Interiors - Atlantis the Palm Project


What sets Arista International apart is not just their dedication to design but their holistic approach to project execution. The team comprises experienced designers, quantity surveyors, and project managers, each contributing to a pool of talent that is unparalleled. Driven by a passion for design, Arista’s professionals bring forth the latest emerging trends and classic period styles with the technical prowess to bring every vision to life.

Arista’s story is a journey through the realms of luxury and design innovation. With a wealth of experience, Arista International has left an indelible mark on the industry, crafting narratives that transcend geographical boundaries. From the grandeur of the United Kingdom to the cultural richness of Europe and the contemporary allure of Dubai, Arista’s story is one of excellence, elegance, and a commitment to redefining luxury in every form.


Empire Center Table Set II

Empire Center Table Set II by LUXXU Home

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In the world of Arista International, experience leads, and design drives. As they continue to shape the landscapes of ultra-luxury interiors, their dedication to creating spaces that tell unique stories remains unwavering. Arista International is not just a design firm; it is a curator of dreams, transforming spaces into timeless masterpieces that resonate with the true essence of luxury living. Explore the heights of elegance with Arista International – where every project is an opulent journey waiting to unfold.

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