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Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington

Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In WashingtonAnastasia Reese is the intellect behind the new project created in partnership with LUXXU. In order to create the most harmonious ambiance, A City Refuge In Washington combines luxury forms with a timeless color palette and golden embellishments. Today, LUXXU Blog presents an exclusive interview with her in which you may get a glimpse into her creative mind!

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Meet Anastasia Reese

Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington

Tell us more about yourself and your professional history. How did you get your start in interior design?

Anastasia: My story begins in the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk. There I studied architecture and design at Pacific National University. I also spent two years as an exchange student in Seoul which presented me the opportunity to learn English. I loved my time as a student. I made lifelong friends. I learned how to cook new food and most importantly, learned to live with three other students in a 16 square meter dorm; four working desks, two bunk beds, a little closet, and a tiny kitchen. It was an unbelievable time that taught me tons of life lessons and prepared me for life in the real world. However, I didn’t graduate from university with enough knowledge to start my career.

Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington
Apartment Project in Khabarovsk City, Russia

My first experience as a designer was a complete failure. I had an opportunity to design a flat. I lied about my experience to get the job, and it turned out to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I was completely out of my league and underdelivered on the project. After that, I promised myself that I would never put myself or my customer in that position again. When the next opportunity arose I was honest about my inexperience. I pledged my hard work and my dedication to getting it right. The customer agreed.

Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington
Bathroom Design in Bali, Indonesia

We created the project together, step by step and, in time, our relationship grew into a strong friendship. I started to go to stores and learn from the specialists about tiles, furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. Like a sponge, I took in as much information as I could. I learned about materials and textures and about modern products. Then I started to spend all my time with builders, annoying them with tons of questions about pipes, electricity, and walls until I became comfortable with all aspects of a design project. Over time my knowledge grew and grew – true organic growth.

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Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington
Dark Bathroom Design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Are there any projects you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of? If so, please provide more detail.

Anastasia: It’s really hard for me to choose one. Projects are like my kids. I love all of them. If I had to choose one, I’d choose the bathroom design I did for a close friend. It’s bold and crazy, and it was a pleasure to work on. A big round mirror takes up half of the wall, dark colors, moving walls, and a lot of hidden lights make the room magical. This design isn’t for everyone. I’d want a bathroom like this for myself, but it’s not suitable for families with children. You’d need to clean it nonstop.

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Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington
Apartment Project in Moscow, Russia

Get to know Anastasia Reese

What do you believe sets you apart from other designers? How do you differentiate yourself?

Anastasia: I think I have the ability to understand what a client wants. I just can feel it. I also think people feel comfortable around me, so it’s easy for them to open up and trust me. They feel comfortable sharing with me their personal stories, shores, and traditions. Learning these things about a person helps me create the perfect space for them. It helps me find a mix of beauty and comfort which I believe is different for each person.

Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington
“Island Soul” Jewelry Store Project in Bali, Indonesia

Where do you draw inspiration from? Is there any designer’s work you’re currently admiring?

Anatasia: I’m always hungry for something new. New style, new design. I don’t want my entire portfolio to be made up of similar projects. At the same time, I want people to be able to look at a design and say, “oh that’s an Anastasia Reese project.” I always want to learn and try something new. Sometimes, if I see a design that inspires me, I’ll ask on Instagram if anyone is looking for a design in this style. I’ll offer it at a discount because I want a job in this style to expand my knowledge. Right now I’m looking for something very classy, a very restrained style. I really like the work of Sophie Paterson, she lives in London. I find her a very talented, beautiful mom, and I’m sure she is a hard worker. All the textile she can put together just inspires me. One day I’d love to create a design together with her.

Anastasia Reese: The Mastermind Behind A City Refuge In Washington

We appreciate Anastasia‘s willingness to participate in this interview, and we hope you enjoyed learning more about this talented designer. It certainly helped us comprehend not only where she came from, but also how she evolved and utilized all of her knowledge in the “A City Refuge In Washington” project!

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