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A Showcase Of Elegance And Luxury With Marc-Michaels Interior Design

A Showcase Of Elegance And Luxury With Marc-Michaels Interior Design => Founded in 1985 as a partnership between S. Marc Thee and Michael J. Abbott, Marc-Michaels main philosophy and statement is that “the difference is in the details,” this reflects their undivided attention to detail not only when it comes to the interior design, but also in their approach to customer service as well. The needs, dreams, and personal taste are all considered in the process, and their excellent design team works closely with each client over the course of any design project in order to meet and exceed the client´s expectations. The luxury they display in their work is something that Luxxu Blog has to show you, so join us as we give a glimpse at the mastery of some of the projects of this wonderful design firm

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Elegant Lakefront Residence In Palm Beach

An elegant lakefront residence in Palm Beach that features one of the cleanest looks you will ever behold, the refined upholstery and modern furniture blend harmoniously with the residence´s bright ambiance to create an amazing flair and a simply masterful end result.

European Inspired Estate

This European-inspired estate counts with exquisite lighting fixtures and a seamless combination of glamorous and modern styles. Everything about this property is sure to turn heads and catch eyes due to the display of elegance and luxury.

Four Seasons Private Residence

A four seasons private residence where Marc-Michaels showcase their characteristic attention to detail and incredible space planning. Their interior design selection for this project provides a beautiful involvement between every piece and artwork.

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Mid Century Modern Estate

It is absolutely mesmerizing the way in which Marc-Michaels achieved this gorgeous blend between modern and mid-century styles. The combination of the interior design’s careful selection paired with the house’s modern aesthetics creates a fascinating end result that we can observe both in the indoor and outdoor decor.

Modern Gulf Coast Estate

A modern Gulf Coast estate that features a wonderful oceanfront view and warm and luxurious aesthetics that will without a doubt leave you speechless, apart from the warm colors we can find some dashes of blue in certain interior design pieces which creates a subtle connection with the house main attraction, the lovely seaside view.

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Organic Boca Raton Residence

A unique Organic Boca Raton Residence characterizes by an earthly color palette that offers a noticeable and appealing contrast with the home’s bright aesthetics.

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Traditional Manalapan Estate

Let’s make a turn to this traditional Manalapan estate, a true sight to contemplate, luxury and class are everywhere you gaze at and the ambiance of this property looks not only fantastic but also royalty-like, the exquisiteness displayed is something you think you can only find in the finest palaces and we just can´t help but marvel at Marc-Michaels absolute brilliance.

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Tropical Georgian Estate

A perfect combination of luxury and space merging, this tropical Georgian estate by the harmonious transition you get from room to room, apart from the natural elements that fit perfectly with the sensational interior design and clean open look the architecture of this house gifts us with.

Ultra Modern Ocean Front Property

Going modern and beyond. This Oceanfront property has a simply marvelous view and the inside wide spaces allow for an abundance of modern furniture and upholstery and a showcase of a truly luxurious lifestyle.

Vero Beach Island Residence

The abundance and diversity of elements really set this Vero Beach Island residence apart, the combination of styles and shapes showcases a breathtaking versatility that takes nothing away from the splendid natural luxury that this house and its environment produce.

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