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10 Modern Living Rooms You Must Admire

10 Modern Living Rooms You Must Admire – Living spaces should always find the ideal combination of comfort and style. Luxxu strives to give the greatest inspiration in a world full of fads and tendencies. Today, here at Luxxu Blog we’ve enlisted some of our favorite interior designers and luxury design brands to help us showcase design excellence.

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See These Beautiful Living Rooms By Renowned Designers

DIMORESTUDIO is a dream and memory interpretation studio. They are storytellers as well as experience creators. They create patterns and environments that evoke memories. A combination of settings, locations, and things that elicit emotion. A nonlinear story that blends reminiscence, present-day experiences, and hopes. Different time eras are paired, mixed, and matched. Artisanal practices are passed down through generations. Both old and modern. Both vintage and modern.

Yabu Pushelberg is essentially a design firm that has worked on a range of projects throughout the years. George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg founded the firm, which focuses on the design and development of several interiors, furniture, and product designs for the hotel and retail industries.

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If You Enjoyed These Modern Living Rooms

Check These Exquisite Living Designs By Luxxu

Be amazed By These Living Room Inspirations By Charles Zana

A perfect piece of refined upholstery is all you need to captivate and inspire your guests. The Saboteur Swivel Single Sofa in this living room ambiance gives a more classy and exclusive look while giving out the perfect swivel style.

Be amazed By These Living Room Inspirations By Charles Zana

A simple living room decoration can be the most effective way to achieve an appealing aesthetic. The Opera Two Seat Sofa adds a refined touch to any attractive setting The silky velvet texture guarantees that it is as comfortable as it is attractive.

Marvel At These Living Room dazzling miami living room with bespoke charla single sofas

This dream house in Miami is something to marvel, isn’t it? The lounge room is furnished with timeless upholstery and brand-new furniture pieces.

Marvel At These Living Room in a deluxe apartment in moscow

Luxury and elegance are obvious in this living room of this Deluxe Apartment in Moscow, blending a modern language with a sumptuous environment and impressing us with the harmony that the entire project envisions.

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In Need Of More Inspiration?

Marvel Also These Living Rooms By Other Luxury Brands

dark living room

Koi is a well-known icon of Japanese culture and is highly valued for its beautiful appearance. Typically found in water gardens, but also in Irezumi practice and, more likely, tattoos. With the Koi Center Table, you can now have it in your living room.

golden center table

Center tables are more than just simple pieces of furniture that you install in your living room – they are much more. If you want to experience a transdimensional environment, you’ve just discovered how. The Wave Center Table, available in golden, maple, or copper, is the result of the purest and most authentic artisan processes. Life is a wave; all you have to do is grab it.

nature inspired living room

This lovely modern living space exemplifies the greatest biophilic design: integrating our innate need to associate with nature in the modern built world. The wood center table SEQUOIA, together with two tiny SEQUOIA Side Tables, the leather 2-seat couch DUKONO, the CALLA Marble Table Light, and the rug Snake 8 are all present in this living room. This modern living room is a furious nature portrayal, filled with powerful nature motifs.

warm tones living room

Two stunning orange upholstered furniture pieces in a modern mid-century living room design. The orange COMO Velvet Armchair and COMO Velvet Sofa are very magnificent and ferocious, with the pumpkin spice personality, paired with the marble and brass floor light CYPRES, the modern basic rectangular center table SHINTO, and the Prisma Rug.

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