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Swimming Pool Designs That Are Trending This Year

In 2017 these Swimming Pool Designs definitely rule the world of luxury lifestyle.

There’s literally no better time than Summer. This is the perfect season to get some rest from the stressful routine, and relax your body and mind in a luxurious outdoor pool. And in case you didn’t know, there are a few pool design trends that have become extremely popular this year.

Nowadays, a pool is not just a symbol of wealth and richness, it’s also an important component of a property’s architecture which can easily be used to improve the overall appearance. So it should definitely be updated to current concepts, just like interior design.

Recently we have seen a wide range of design trends emerging, but today we want to focus on 2017 alone, and help you get inspired. From the classic rectangular block shape, to curve oblong scoops, take a look below!

Glass Pools

Swimming Pool Designs That Are Trending This Year

The use of glass is always a wise decision when it comes to architecture and design.

Glass pools are becoming incredibly popular according to the Aqua Platinum team. More and more people are opting for glass panels to create the impression of a larger space. It also provides a serene connection to nature if used in an outdoor terrace.

Automated features

Swimming Pool Designs That Are Trending This Year

Smart technology is probably one of the biggest concepts right now, so why not apply it into a pool?

Controls can now be linked to home systems, making it extremely convenient for owners. With just a touch of a button, pool pumps, water jets and features will come alive.

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Infinity Pools

Swimming Pool Designs That Are Trending This Year

Gladly Marina Bay Sands Singapore unveiled their jaw-dropping infinity pool to inspire the world with such a unique design. And in case you don’t know how they work, these pools features a lower catch basin where the water flows off, creating the illusion of a never ending-cliff drop.

Fountain Pools

Swimming Pool Designs That Are Trending This Year

Other than indoor spa facilities, another major trend is bringing the spa elements to your pool. With hydrotherapy elements such as massage jets and fountains, owners will be able to utilize a ‘ two-in-one’ pool.

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