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M Social Design Hotel by Philippe Starck

Design and architecture Hotel: The new avant-garde design hotel created by Philippe Starck brought  fresh air to the city´s robertson quay area. This magnificent Hotel where all the elements of the world are represented, such as energy, passion and humor, has 293 rooms and suites. Let’s find it together!

The cosmopolitan vision of Philippe Starck helps him establish a new concept of  immateriality, using different types of media such as vídeos and projections. He wanted that M Social Singapore to be a meeting place a, a gathering of independent spirits who thrive on friendship, community and new experiences. It is a hotel for the curious, the explorers and the ones who dare to dream.

M Social Design Hotel by Philippe Starck restaurant

Located in the margins of the historic and marvelous Singapore river, M Social Singapore is the youngest “brother” of Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ signature Leng´s Collection.

M Social Design Hotel by Philippe Starck pool

The differentiation of styles is intencional to create a new experience of each division, the perfect example of that is the restaurant which is a separated part from the rest of the Hotel but at the same time together.

M Social Design Hotel by Philippe Starck bar

The 293 rooms have four types to offer, a comfortable and elegant, other with warm colors, other made of opulent materials and another with high ceiling heights. Enough styles to give you the perfect experience. The best room opens onto a terrace and the bigger one is a “Mezzanine” style, a duplex loft also with a terrace.

M Social Design Hotel by Philippe Starck bedroom

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