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Luxury Hotels: discover Palazzo Dama in Italy

One of Italy’s most exquisite palaces opens its doors to begin a new chapter in its regal history as the Palazzo Dama. Being one of the best small luxury hotels in the country, a magnificent destination 5 star hotel redefines luxury in the Eternal City, welcoming guests to experience Rome in a majestic, full-service villa. Take a look!

The legacy of Palazzo Dama is steeped in the history of the Malaspina family, one of the oldest noble families in Europe and the palazzo’s inhabitants for over a century.

Constructed near the banks of the Tiber river, the Roman villa was both the Malaspina home and host to high society gatherings where the family entertained diplomats, aristocrats and prominent cultural and social figures.

Palazzo Dama is named to honor the dignified elegance of the aristocratic woman – the dama in Italian – among the Malaspina generations.

Today, Palazzo Dama retains its eminent historical beauty, but has been transformed into a luxurious destination that is not just a place to stay but a place to escape, complete with a private club and bar, as well as an outdoor pool that are set to become Rome’s new hotspots for a discerning, international clientele.

discover Palazzo Dama in Italy bar

Inside the hotel, the L’Autre Dame restaurant serves a range of fresh, health-conscious choices, alongside a menu of international and continental fare, with a kitchen open to guests at any hour.

The L’Autre Dame cocktail bar welcomes visitors into a deep blue alcove while below, a subterranean nightclub promises to quickly become one of Rome’s go-to evening spots.

In addition to the hotel’s curated spaces, its 24-hour concierge is always on hand to provide uncompromised services including bespoke city tours of Rome, as well as exclusive beauty and wellness treatments presented in the comfort of one’s own room.

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