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How to Decorate With Gold in Your Home

How to Decorate With Gold in Your Home 03

Decorating with gold isn’t always easy. Here is a guide on how to decorate with gold.

Using gold in home decoration has been around for a long, long time. From ancient Egypt untill nowadays it never goes out of style. Mostly because gold is a luxurious and oppulent color and adds a luxury vibe to any ambience. The reason why we associate gold with wealthiness may well be in the fact that royalty used this color a lot. So incorporating it in you own home will make you feel like a king or queen.

But using this color may be a little tricky, especially when your home is decorated with a clean style. If you’d like to use this rich color in your home but don’t know how, keep reading, we have a few tips that might help you!

Add a Statement Piece

How to Decorate With Gold in Your Home 01

One of the best ways to decorate with a especially bold colors is to add a statemente piece to your interiors. It can be anything from furniture to lighting. This one is the Empire Snooker  by LUXXU.

Use Decorative Pieces

How to Decorate With Gold in Your Home 02

If you’re not so into furniture or you’re afraid of overdoing it, start with a decorative piece such as a mirror or a candle holder. This is one is the McQueen Wall Mirror.

Gold & Black 

How to Decorate With Gold in Your Home 03

These two colors go together as a cold drink in a warm day. The two combined add luxury vibes to any interior, making it exclusive, especially when it’s black and gold furniture.

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The Trick is in the Details

ow to Decorate With Gold in Your Home 04

Buying a gold furniture item is a big commitment. So our suggestion is that you start small and buy first an item with gold details, instead of a completely gold one. The Charla Dining Chair is a great option.

Neutral Pallete

How to Decorate With Gold in Your Home 05

One of the best ways to add gold to your home décor is to add the piece of your desire to a room that has a neutral pallette as the one above, creatig a sophisticated yet modern ambience.

The Empire Chandelier is by LUXXU and a great piece to add a touch of gold.

A Statement Wall

How to Decorate With Gold in Your Home 07

If gold furniture is not for you but you want to add this color to your living space, use an empty wall and turn it into a gold masterpiece.

For more gold furniture and lighting inspiration visit LUXXU

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