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New Products 2021

These Luxury Design pieces were designed to maintain LUXXU’s luxurious and sophisticated image, bringing elegance to any interior.


Coveted Magazine's 18th Edition

Dear readers, The main theme is WORK FROM HOME. We start by featuring some of the biggest news in the interior design world, followed by a series of curated new pieces not to miss. In a retrospective of 2020, we had the pleasure of interviewing some of the best interior design brands CEO's and got to know their thoughts on the changes of the world, and what we can wait for the year of 2021. Then, we present a selection of office interior design ideas and tips on how to improve productivity while working from home. Get ready for some serious inspiration and enjoy CovetED’s newest issue! Just fill out the form on this page to grab your free copy!


Bedroom Lightning Ideas

Bedroom Lightning Ideas by Luxxu


Mid-Century Modern Trendbook

Mid-century Modern Style enjoyed massive popularity in the 30s and hasn’t left the home decor lexicon since – it’s been refined and reimagined into the way the world interacts with design. Recently Millennials gave rise to a new mid-century modern trend that favored pared-down spaces, pastel hues and the introduction of large open spaces with a unique embrace of the outdoors. Mid-century designs are simple, streamlined and inspired by nature and geometry. One of the prevailing themes of Mid-Century Modern is an equal emphasis on function and form. Hence, the clean lines, curves and geometric shapes. Know all about this 2022 interior design trend and how to use it in your home decor with this trend report.


Best Moments 2020

Best Moments 2020


+100 Top Interior Designer

International, influential and trendy, CovetED is the world’s top collectors source for interior design and luxury lifestyle news. As you know by now we attract a sophisticated global audience of both professionals and design lovers by presenting a unique, curated selection of interior design projects, exclusive interviews with the world’s best and collectable travel guides.


Remarkable Projects - Worldclass Interiors

We have gathered the interior design projects that we made part of with the vision of some of the most talented names in this industry! See also projects from all Covet Group.


The Ultimate Guide to Craftmanship

In our area of expertise, we always have to be attentive to new developments and acquire knowledge that allows us to evolve our products. Without a doubt, one of the points that stands out most in creating a beautiful design is the attention to detail. When a product has good craftsmanship, what you gain is the detail that is given.


Coveted Magazine's 9th Issue

2017 was a great year for CovetED and I'm proud of what we have achieved so far. Here are some of the major highlights:We were Media Partners of all the major Design Events of the year, we are now distributed in Newsstands and Bookstores all over the world and we were lucky enough to celebrate Design with the world's top Brands, Interior Designers and Projects.


Coveted Magazine's 10th Issue

A warm welcome to the Luxury Brands Issue. This is the season when luxury brands launch their novelties, so CovetED covered top Events, from Luxury to Design and Fashion, to bring you a sum up of the latest news from these three worlds, which often come intertwined.


Coveted Magazine's 11th Issue

In today’s world, high-end consumers look for uniqueness. People spend money on products and services that will both add up to their status in society and with which they create an emotional link, products that tell stories, products they can talk about with their friends, that will make them feel special.


Coveted Magazine's 12th Issue

This issue is all about colour and how it will influence Interiors, Design and Fashion in 2019. From books we covet and decorating with colour using a mid-century modern style, to trend forecasting for next year, our Pantone obsession and CovetED’s very own selection of favourite trends regarding Colour and how it can be used in Interior Design and Fashion.


Coveted Magazine's 13th Issue

This issue is all about new products, inspirations & ideas that will help you keep you up to date with the latest launches of the Interior Design Industry. We bring you the best from Maison&Objet, which kicked off the 2019 Design Agenda, as well as a preview of the PAD Paris and the Milan Design Week, combined with the ultimate guides to both events.


Coveted Magazine's 14th Issue

For the rentrée, CovetED wants to offer some extra inspiration. Issue #14 comes as collectable as it gets, by featuring a selection of our 200 favourite designers from 20 countries. These are the creative minds behind the most beautiful projects in the world. From contemporary to a modern classic, from cosmopolitan residences to grand villas, from boutique to luxury hotels, any type of projects really.


Coveted Magazine's 15th Issue

Welcome to The Most CovetED Yachts - a very special supplement that comes with your CovetED Magazine 15th issue - with all you want and need to know about the most exclusive boat life.


Coveted Magazine's 16th Issue

Dear readers, if you are looking for inspiration, this issue features a curated selection of the top showrooms of the best cities in the world. Following the cover theme, we prepared an amazing article in partnership with TrendBook, presenting you the 2020 interior design trends, divided by room division.


Living Room Essentials

Sometimes described as a sitting or lounge room, a living room ought to be comfortable, welcoming, and have a touch of luxury. Over time, it has gained more and more attention, and nowadays it is even considered by some designers as the heart of the house. Most modern living rooms serve more than one purpose and are the main area where guests stay most of the time.


Empire Your Home

Luxxu’s designs are encouraged by the best buildings in the world. Some of the best-known products are those belonging to the Empire Collection. Inspired by the Empire State Building, the most iconic landmark Skyscraper in New York City, the prominent building is part of the city history and a colorful beacon in Manhattan’s Skyline, as well as a destination for extraordinary views.


Lady's Closet

Every woman dreams with the ideal closet, organized by colors, a lot of storage space, and with a luxurious and elegant aesthetic. Could it be that difficult to achieve the perfect lady’s closet?


Gentleman's Office

A home office is a place of business yet smooth. A gentleman’s office is more than a desk and a chair. It’s a mood, a lifestyle. After all, it’s where you escape from the world, and organize yourself, work, and relax.


Fall Trends 2020 Millionaire Trend Report

When it comes to interior design, get yourself prepared to embrace this new Fall Trends 2020. You can find here some bold choices, classic trends, and impressive patterns. This season favors heavier fabrics, metallic accessories, soft velvet, and darker colors to create a classic cozy environment, It’s better to take notes!


Wall Lighting Designs

Lighting is the most relevant feature when it comes to design a room. Its performance and intensity depend on the functionality of the area. Wall lighting makes a room brighter and adds a refined ambiance. Plus, it’s a key element of any layered lighting design. So take advantage of wall lamps to create a beautiful environment and complement your home decor. A design project can benefit from lightning accents.


Hospitality Design Summer Trends

A selection of daring outdoor design projects with beautiful concepts, views and ambiences to inspire Hospitality project Interior Designers and Architects.


Novelties 2020 Secret Launch

LUXXU’s desire to offer only the best quality items is cemented by using only the finest materials, such as velvet and marble, to make our pieces, as well as by allowing customization to become a vital tool for creating exclusive and original furniture that will completely meet clients expectations and wishes.


Best Design projects by LUXXU

We have gathered 10 interior design projects that we made part of with the vision of some of the most talented names in this industry!


Coveted Magazine

In these extraordinary times, the world needs inspiration. Find more than 300 inspirations and ideas to nurture your creative mind.


iSaloni - Our Memory Book

Undoubtedly one of the shows of the year, ISaloni has been the place where we've been exceeding ourselves, time after time. This year, unfortunately, we cannot be there, but we never forget ISaloni.


The Curated Selection

Raging from various styles from mid-century modern to a modern classic this book is a curated selection of the most incredible best interior design projects you ever seen.


The best 20 interior designers of Moscow

Discover the fascinating Work of most popular Interior Designers of Moscow. We will show you balanced projects combining exquisite style and day-to-day comfort, top-grade finishing and functional interior layouts.


The best 25 interior designers of London

Design has become an important part of London a long time ago. We can also find here the most astonishing projects. Take a look on the top 25 interior designers from London.


TOP 25 - Milan’s best interior designers

We gathered the best of the best interior designers. Discover some of the most influential designers from the city of design.


The best 25 interior designers of Paris

“The City of Lights” is always an inspiration for many famous interior designers that create luxury and contemporary designs. We found the best 25 interios designers from Paris! Take a look.


Stay in the Comfort Zone

It’s not often that you get this advice, and in fact, we will always be the first to tell you to get out of your comfort zone, dream bigger, aim higher. But as the world faces troubled times, staying home is the best we can do. However, being home does not mean being bored, that is why we’ve gathered a selection of books, Instagram accounts, and inspiring homes to keep you company.


4 DESIGN CAPITALS, 100 Interior Designers

We explored 100 amazing designers that work, live and made their career in London, Paris, Milan and New York. These cities are worldwide considered the 4 Design Capitals of the World. Home to the best and most well-known influencers, designers and architects of the World.


The Foyer Edit

The entryway is perhaps the division of an entire home that sets the tone, so it’s of the utmost importance that it reflects style and charisma like no other. Discover our curated selection of lighting and furniture to create an unforgetable entrance.


The Living Edit

To build a living room that combines comfort, functionality and beauty is often a challenge for designers. We've gathered a curated selection of iconic design pieces to design the perfect living space.


The most marvelous casinos in Asia

Discover 10 of the best casinos in Asia that will leave you speechless. To each entertainment venue, you will find a unique design pieces that resonate perfectly with the essence of the best casinos in Asia.


The Dining Edit

LUXXU as been selected as part of the archiproducts design selection 2020, for being an example of excellence, quality and innovation. Discover Luxxu's selection of the best design pieces for exclusive dining rooms.


The Creation of The Perfect Closet

When it comes to creating high-end closets, in particular, walk-in closets, it can be a real challenge to create something that fits all the needs! The needs depend a lot from one person to another, but there are two things always in common: it needs to be stylish but practical. That being said, we've put together a curated selection of the best design pieces you'll need to create the ultimate luxury closet.


The Best 25 Interior Designers of New York

Home to some of the biggest companies and design studios in the world, New York City is a “design meca” that’s been growing in creativity, size, and popularity since it’s foundation! You can’t be at the top of the design industry if you don’t know what’s happening in New York, and that’s why this major city is one of the biggest design capitals of the world.


The Yacht Edit

Luxury yachts are the ultimate expression of luxurious lifestyle. Discover the yachts that are going to inspire you, and a curated selection of some of the best design pieces to take your project to the next level.


2020 New Collection

LUXXU has just released new items into the incredible luxury collection! And you need to see them. Learn more about each of these new designs and how you can incorporate them into your own interior design projects!


The Amazing Trends at Maison & Objet January 2020

The moment that everyone in the design scene was waiting for has finally arrived. Yes, Maison et Objet has finally returned to Paris Nord Villepinte and with it comes an avalanche of news and trends that surely will be quite impactful in the interior design industry. As a way to celebrate design in the biggest way possible, so be prepared to be inspired!


A Daring Living Sensation

Discover the feeling of true luxury at Maison&Objet 2020. Both our lighting and furniture collections are growing and this ebook will give you the first-hand access to our novelties. Introduced by the first time at this amazing tradeshow this new pieces will definitely inspire your next interior design project.


LUXXU’s Curated 2020 Trends

The New Year is the best occasion to update your home, and the most popular trends for 2020, paired with the versatile LUXXU furniture and lighting products, will be able to create a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance in any interior design project, whether design lovers opt for a full-scale renovation or just a few décor changes.


Paris Design City Guide 2020

Travelling to Paris can be a bit overwhelming, especially when selecting a hotel. The city offers thousands of accomodations to choose from, which might confuse visitors on what to chose. If you're going to be in Paris anytime soon, perhaps for Maison et Objet, perhaps for a well deserved week of vacations strolling across the beautiful city of lights. Either way, you need to know about these hotels. Yes! They are incredibly stylish!


Top 100 Interior Designers

We are proud to present our comprehensive list of the Best 100 Interior Designers and Architects that stood out during the year of 2019! From all corners of the World, this Top List features some of the most creative and talented professionals of the design industry.