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Unique Kitchen Decorations With Studia 54

Unique Kitchen Decorations With Studia 54 – The Studia 54 group of companies includes 3 unique brands whose activities extend to all components of the world of interior design and architecture.

By creating projects in their unique and inimitable style, they strive to become the best international studio for interior design and architectural design. Having brought together experts from the most diverse fields, they make dreams of luxurious and comfortable living a reality.

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Unique Kitchen Decorations

Contemplate These Luxurious Kitchen Designs By Studia 54

Unique Kitchen Decorations With Modern Aesthetic
Image courtesy of: Studia 54

A modern premium kitchen by Studia 54 is perfection in detail, adapted to the owners’ needs with innovative appliances, on the level of restaurants with three Michelin stars, and exclusive decoration. In such a kitchen the owners will brew aromatic coffee in the morning and have wine tastings with friends in the evening.

Unique Kitchen Decorations With red high stools
Image courtesy of: Studia 54

The high stools are from Poltrona Frau, and the kitchen set and gradient mirror island were custom made. The set is adorned with smooth gray and green leather stretched over the milled base and the niche in Black Marquina marble.

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Unique Kitchen Decorations With Waterfall Floor Lamp

Marble was used as the material to lavishly embellish this area in black and white tones, including the walls, floors, cabinetry, and kitchen island. The Shard Suspension, a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture with a strong presence and personality made of brass and crystal glass, complements the kitchen’s marble concept well. 

Unique Kitchen Decorations With Saboteur Swivel Bar Chair

The Saboteur Swivel Bar Chair is a beautiful velvet bar chair that evokes the old elegance of noir movies. It is ideal for trendy kitchens, bars, bistros, or lounge spaces. It is an excellent choice for any modern kitchen design.

Unique Kitchen Decorations

The dining room is one of the spaces you definitely don’t want to miss next time you’re building an interior because it’s a place where everyone can congregate at the end of the day to share anecdotes and share a meal together.

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Unique Kitchen Decorations With Nº11 Dining Chairs

This wonderful kitchen design by Boca do Lobo with beautiful gold accents on the kitchen counter and on the Nº11 dining chairs.

Unique Kitchen Decorations With black marble counter

Dark modern kitchen decor to spice up your modern decor.

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