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Take a Tour of Zaha Hadid’s Superyachts

Take a Tour of Zaha Hadid's Superyacths 01

Discover Unique Circle and Jazz, Zaha Hadid’s Superyachts. There’s a bow to break through ice and indoor pools protected from natural elements.

The late architect, Zaha Hadid was internationally renowned for her daring and bold designs in buildings building designs. Hadid designed, among many others, the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, and the London Aquatics Centre, designed for the London Summer Olympics of 2012.

However today we bring to you a different type of structure, a structure made for the sea! Many don’t know but Zaha Hadid’s work was focused not only on buildings but also on many other things, from art installations to jewelry, and superyachts.

Working with German builders Blohm + Voss, Hadid created a bold and original superyacht design. Take a tour!

Take a Tour of Zaha Hadid's Superyachts 01

The largest of the 5 yachts the architect created is the 420-foot Unique Circle, which comes with an underwater viewing zone and a bow that has the ability to break through thick ice.

Take a Tour of Zaha Hadid's Superyachts 02

The exterior of the yachts is a series of interwoven support beams, giving them a signature style.

Take a Tour of Zaha Hadid's Superyachts 03

The interiors are very clean, with white dominating the color scheme. Big windows all around make it feel even more bright and airy.

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Take a Tour of Zaha Hadid's Superyachts 04

The Unique Circle comes with an indoor swimming pool, protected from the natural elements by the deck. Which means it can be enjoyed throughout the entire year!

Take a Tour of Zaha Hadid's Superyachts 05

The modern master bedroom overlooking the on-deck jacuzzi and surrounding area is a minimalist with a futuristic vibe masterpiece.


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For A Stunning Superyacht Interior