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Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II) – We are constantly inspired by designers and enjoy being a part of the evolving world of design. Some have influenced the way people think about design by making it more accessible, others were selected because they are iconic and a source of inspiration for many, and others yet because of the way they challenge and inspire through their media presence… So, we selected the Top Best Interior Designers in NY that we feel have made an impression on the design industry in a big way!

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Top interior designers from New York

Cafiero Select

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Cafiero Select

A 2019 Architectural Digest Top 100 member, David Cafiero is a decorator and proprietor of Cafiero Select home decor store located in Manhattan’s East Village. With business partner Thom Lussier, David forms Cafiero Lussier Creative — an interactive & special events design firm. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, David has been many things: forester in his family’s lumber business; commercial fisherman on New England’s coast; private yacht chef throughout the Caribbean; event planner, café owner, and decorator in New York City. His style is eclectic, pragmatic, quietly sensual like a Yankee just returned from early 20th century Paris. A longtime resident of Provincetown, he has also been deeply influenced by its salt-air worn woods, shifting, elemental light, and its long relationship with abstract expressionism.

Cannon Design

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Cannon Design

Cannon Design leverages the heart, passion, and intelligence of its more than 1,000 creative thinkers to develop solutions for the greatest challenges facing their clients and society. Whether designing for equity in education, accessible healthcare, inclusive communities, new scientific discoveries, or the “next big idea” in business, they leverage their full suite of end-to-end services to help organizations and the people and communities they serve to flourish.

Carlyle Designs

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Carlyle Designs

Carlyle Designs is an inspiring interior design company from New York City, that perfectly explores the ambiguous concept between the traditional and the modern style décor. This very internationally known company is headed by Jordan Carlyle, a design innovator that has been breaking every interior design boundary throughout the years, by the demonstration of these amazing projects.

Carrier and Company

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Carrier and Company

Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, the principals of Carrier and Company Interiors, are husband-and-wife interior design duo who create rooms that offer a confident mix of timeless and contemporary design – both familiar and fresh at once. Their guiding philosophy focuses on connecting clients with places in a manner that reflects the distinct and singular nature of both.

Cetra Ruddy

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Cetra Ruddy

Established in 1987, CetraRuddy is an award-winning global architecture, planning, and interior design firm driven by design excellence and the creation of one-of-a-kind experiences. For three decades, the firm has led with a guiding principle that architecture and design must engage context and enrich the human spirit. The 100-person firm’s thought leadership stems from a shared passion and spirit of creating, as well as the firm’s diversity of backgrounds and cultures.

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Did you know this top interior designers?

Champalimaud Design

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Champalimaud Design

Champalimaud Design is known for creating some of the most renowned hospitality and private projects in the world. Founded by Alexandra Champalimaud, the top design studio has dedicated its existence to expressing the individual character of each space through extraordinary design. They have been able to manage and accomplish many collaborations with top clients to create some of the world’s most distinctive properties, transforming context and heritage into compelling stories and experiences.

Charles & Co.

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Charles & Co.

Charles & Co is an independent interior design business, founded in New York, by Vicky Charles and Julia Corden.
With over twenty years of experience, defining the ‘home from home’ design aesthetic of Soho House, Vicky now leads a team of twelve, delivering bespoke interior schemes direct to clients. Specializing in interior and architectural design for new buildings and complete gut renovations, Charles & Co works collaboratively with the architect, contractor, and client to guide each project, from inception to completion.

luxury houses

Cheryl Eisen

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Interior Marketing Group

Interior Marketing Group, led by Cheryl Eisen, is the largest luxury real estate design and marketing firm in the United States. In addition to providing interior design services to luxury homeowners, their award-winning staging and Interior Marketing services enable the most coveted properties and developments in the world to sell faster and at greater multiples than the market’s average.

Chipman Design Architecture

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Chipman Design Architecture

A respected innovator in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality sectors, Chipman Design Architecture continues a legacy that began almost 70 years ago. It was in the early 1950s that Albert B. Chipman established one of the first professional practices devoted to commercial planning and design. A generation later, Albert’s son John Chipman expanded the business from its initial staff of three to build the architecture firm Chipman Design, in 1979. Today it is still family-owned with John Chipman’s daughter, Lauren Chipman, leading the team into the 21st century.

Chris Shao Studio

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Chris Shao Studio

China-born, New York-based Designer Chris Shao founded Chris Shao Studio LLC in 2016. While pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the New York School of Interior Design, Chris received his first major commission to design the interiors of a multi-family project at 111 Varick Street, in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of SoHo. His designs have been coveted for their fusion of masculine with feminine, rich fabrics with sharp contemporary silhouettes, and romantic ideals with classical stoicism. He lends a signature twist to everyday essentials.

Clive Lonstein, Inc.

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Clive Lonstein, Inc.

Founded over five years ago, Clive Lonstein’s design studio is comprised of experienced and creative design professionals. Their recent projects include a multi-story boutique development project in Manhattan, a privately run airport in Seattle, and private residences in Aspen, the Bahamas, the Hamptons, and Manhattan. Located in a historic McKim, Mead & White building in downtown Manhattan, the design studio houses a rich library of materials from which to draw inspiration, whether it is an alpine estate modeled after an English country house or the sleek and modern lines of a Miami office.

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Corey Damen Jenkins

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Corey Damen Jenkins

Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates is an interior design firm based in New York City. The company was founded by its principal and nationally acclaimed designer Corey Damen Jenkins, who is celebrated for his mixing of vivid colors with layered patterns to create inspired, inventive, and unexpected spaces. Taking cues from the haute couture runway, Corey’s brand of interior design and decoration features luxurious and fashion-forward materials.


Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Corgan

Corgan has a decades-long reputation for great customer service. That unwavering commitment to their clients is the foundation of everything they do. Every decision they make is of their client’s interest. That same commitment extends to the users of the places they create. The work is based on evidence, experiential research, and hard data — helping them to understand their needs, desires, and dreams. They design places to inspire and delight the user while creating real value for their clients.

Cullman & Kravis

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Cullman & Kravis

Cullman & Kravis Associates is known for providing the highest quality of design excellence and personal service since 1984. They collaborate closely with their clients to realize their aesthetic ideas and practical needs while adhering to their established budgets. While elegance and practicality is C&K’s first objective, their utmost pride comes from the fact that every home they design reflects the personality of the owner, making no two projects the same.

Damon Liss Design

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Damon Liss Design

At Damon Liss Design, they know that good design depends on good communication. They invite everyone to visit their studio, meet their staff, and experience how they work. They present and professionally execute a plan shaped around anyones’ style, timeline, and budget. 

Dan Fink Studio

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Dan Fink Studio

Interior designer Dan Fink is the founder of the Dan Fink Studio. Fink has a high interest in history, art and the new American living. The work of the studio focus in residential and commerical projects, not only in New York but also in San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Maui and New Zealand. Their main purpose is to deliver interior design that is both classic and modern.

Daniel Romualdez Architects

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of AD

Daniel Romualdez Architects is an architecture & planning company based in New York, United States. Seen as trendsetters and many of them already awarded, the art of decorating never looked better in the hands of these homegrown talents. And today, we highlight Daniel Romualdez Architects, a New Yorker interior design and architecture studio with a very sophisticated interior design projects style.

Danielle Colding Design

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Danielle Colding Design

Danielle Colding Design, is a full-service interior design firm based in New York City. Since its inception in 2006, DCDNY, has taken on a wide variety of projects from high-end residential to distinctive commercial design both in the United States and abroad. Danielle’s work has been published both nationally and internationally, including her recent inclusion on Elle Decor’s The A-List for 2020.

David Kleinberg

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of David Kleinberg

David Kleinberg is one of the most respected names in interior design. Over a thirty-year career with projects reaching around the world, Kleinberg has created a body of work that is wide-ranging in style yet always modern in sensibility. Whether boldly inspired or carefully nuanced, Kleinberg’s interiors are above all clean-lined, sophisticated, and highly attuned to each client’s lifestyle.

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David Scott Interiors

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of David Scott Interiors

David Scott Interiors is a New York multidisciplinary team of designers and architects specializing in sensitively conceived interiors where innovative architecture, luxurious furnishings, and emerging art and craft harmoniously coexist. David established the firm with a belief that interiors should reflect the style and personality of its owner, not simply its designer. It’s this collaborative approach that has become a signature of David Scott Interiors’ distinguished style.


Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of DDC NYC

From its inception three generations ago, DDC NYC has flourished as a family partnership steeped in the rich tapestry of tradition, yet inspirited by novelty. The company has played a key leadership role in the world of design, helping to usher in the epoch of appreciation for contemporary European design with a level of style and sophistication previously unknown in the U.S.

De La Torre Design

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of De La Torre Design

Ernest de la Torre is the principal designer and founder of de la Torre Design Studio. Drawing upon his knowledge and a keen eye for art & design, de la Torre creates spaces that are layered, nuanced, refined, and always impactful. De la Torre consistently breaks new ground for clients, discerning their needs and custom tailoring surroundings to be a perfect fit.

Last three top interior designers

Deborah Berke Partners

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Deborah Berke Partners

Deborah Berke Partners is a New York-based architecture practice that, for over thirty years, has made true-to-place projects around the country and the world. Each member of their design leadership possesses a deep and distinct area of expertise; together they create projects with unprecedented programs and unexpected architectural expression. Over time, they have built a wide range of experience in projects for colleges and universities, cultural institutions, private residences, boutique hotels, office and multifamily developments, and buildings for mission-driven clients.

DiGuiseppe Architect

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of DiGuiseppe Architect

Anthony J. DiGuiseppe is President and CEO of DiGuiseppe Architect, primarily a small boutique design firm that successfully integrates architectural and interior design into a cohesive environment for its clients, that incorporates wellness and sustainability. Furthermore, DiGuiseppe is characteristically unique in the design field by providing in-house procurement services, for all its clients.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Top Interior Designers From New York (Part II)
Image courtesy of Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Founded in 1981, Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) is a design studio whose practice spans the fields of architecture, urban design, installation art, multi-media performance, digital media, and print. With a focus on cultural and civic projects, DS+R’s work addresses the changing role of institutions and the future of cities. The studio is based in New York and is comprised of over 100 architects, designers, artists, and researchers, led by four partners—Elizabeth Diller, Ricardo Scofidio, Charles Renfro, and Benjamin Gilmartin.

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